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BlackBerry 10 Power: Control Your PS4 From Your Device

By February 24, 2015APPS
BerryFlow PS4 Passport

It’s a well known fact that many of us enjoy relaxing by playing video games, on our consoles & mobile devices, but now we can do both with PS4 Remote Play.

The PlayStation Remote Play app enables users to use their device as a controller but the screen – on the mobile device – can also display what’s happening on the TV screen. Whilst the PlayStation Remote Play app is an Android application, upon recent testing, it works flawlessly on the BlackBerry Passport.

Passport PS4

Using the PlayStation Remote Play app, on the BlackBerry Passport for the PS4, is an exhilarating and unique experience because the balance of the visual display and the controls fit in perfect matrimony, allowing the players to easily control the gameplay without the worry of not knowing where the controls are because they are mapped perfectly onto the touch screen to reflect just as they are on the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller.

The Remote Play app, for the PS4, can be used to play singleplayer games as well as multiplayer games and it can even be used as a secondary controller or to help out another player on a different PS4 console which gives the app plenty of uses and as an added bonus, it’s FREE to download!

Download PS4 Remote Play

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  • Vic

    This app should be up and running on amazon apps or blackberry world it would be a great feature to the passport blackberry

  • Russell

    Xbox has smartglass.. this app doesn’t work unless you change the permissions and that can’t be done… so are you going to respond with something that works

  • Gordon

    Maybe Xboxone will develop similar functionality.

  • Cmenow

    It doesn’t work

  • Test ,w

    Seriously , what was that