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BlackBerry Teases Dual Curved Slate With Slide Out Keyboard

By March 3, 2015News

BlackBerry decided this morning at Mobile World Congress 2015 to lay out their road map for 2015. For device junkies they launched a new phone called the Leap, however they also quickly showed off a BlackBerry slider type device. One with a,

“Dual curved display” and a physical keyboard

Much like the Samsung edge devices it looks like the vertical sides of the screen curve to add to overall design appeal. It will be interesting to learn more about the device, as we still don’t know a price, date or anything really aside from the picture above.






James Nieves

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  • Techguru

    Great to see, blackberry failed with the Z30 to make an impact device. Bring back the Torch but make it as powerful or more than the Passport

  • J.D.L

    Has anyone figured out the difference between the leap and the other “slider” device that was introduced? There was some confusion about the leap being the “slider”. Any thoughts on this…?

  • Ramsey

    Eeeeh I’m not too sure about this design. It’s just as ‘odd’ as the Passport, hence being so long lol.

  • Tris1977

    We’ve yet to see if this has any software features that are going to use the curved screen. Maybe they are in deeper with samsung then we know about. I think this is very interesting indeed. I for one am looking forward to it even if I don’t end up buying it. Variety is always a good thing.

  • Madhuchandran

    Good concept to be put to test.

  • Booss

    So disappointing it’s JUST a slide…

    • Sonjay

      Many legacy users and blackberry fans wanted a new torch, it was one of the best selling phones. They failed with the Z30

  • JohnBBX

    This phone will be the best of both world this will be my next phone to replace my Z30 And it will be a high-end all touch slider And the dual edge screen will had some new futures to BB10

    • Naor

      This phone can’t replace a z30 it’s a step backwards not forward and u should wait till a z40 or z50 come out

  • George R. Cuervos

    Yea I like everything about it so far… cause truth be told not enough has been released about this phone, except for the slider part. that only adds bulk. I would prefer a replacement for the Z30, but yea an all touch Passport would be Hot too!

  • Bradley Schey

    I would have much rather have seen an all touch Passport myself. Even an all touch passport with a slide out 3 row keyboard would have been magnificent. However, I am intrigued by the dual curved screen edges. I can’t wait to see how BlackBerry will utilize them. On the left one I could definitely see them using that as a place for notification, much like we have now when you swipe up and hold, but this could allow them to be permanently fixed. Right side could potentially be used for feeds or even multitasking tabs. So many possibilities. After seeing this slider now, my new dream BlackBerry is an all touch Passport with a three row touch capacitive slide out keyboard and a dual curved edge display. That would be one Hell of a BlackBerry. Who knows, maybe BlackBerry has something along those line, time will only tell.

  • Merritt Cluff

    To me it is strange. A passport- touch device is a no brainer. The “workwide” niche is there to be exploited. Imagine an all touch passport with the BlackBerry virtual keyboard that could be fixed or could disappear when necessary for larger landscape needs… a fixed keyboard could offer short cuts for optimal productivity. This concept is for BlackBerry !!

  • Copernic

    This is a teaser…. well-done M.Chen. And this cloud BES, bbm subscription you give to market a new look of blackberry.

  • chris

    think the edge display could be great for hub