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Pootermobile Wallpapers App Giveaway

By March 8, 2015APPS, Video

The World of Pootermobile is offering 101 copies of their application Pootermobile Wallpapers to the BerryFlow readership (normally $1.99). Marco is the creative mind behind the application and has collaborated with us here at BerryFlow numerous times.

His most recent design is features on our homepage and shows off a slick all touch slider device with a ‘not as wide’ Passport like 3 row keyboard. Anyway, I could tell you how cool the app is and all the awesome papers within, but here’s a quick video run-through as to what kinds of high quality, BlackBerry focused, wallpapers are available within the app. Earlier in the year the application got an update with a refreshed UI and new wallz!

There are two ways to enter: 

  1. Retweet, the tweet embedded below from @Pootermobile regarding his BBM Stickers
  2. Leave a comment on this article explaining why you’d like a copy for yourself

The winners have been contacted and directly sent the code. If you have not been contacted please reach out to james(at)berryflow.com so I can validate your entry. Cheers!

Check back to this page so see how to redeem your entry if you’re in the winners circle.

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

Manning the helm here @BBRYFLOW. Feel free to shoot me an email.

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  • Owlin

    I got A brand New Z30, My Phone d be better and delicious with that app :)

  • NuVinci

    I’d like to win a copy of the Pootermobile app, because it’s a fantastic way to begin such a day with a glance at the screen. It’s, of course with all the wallpapers, also so fine in May. To see it with a grin and maybe in a zeppelin!

  • Ram

    I actually want my z10 to have a fresh look everyday with some awesome wallpapers!! From pootermobile!

  • Railway15

    I like Q10.Hub is great.

  • Edwin

    Just got a Q10 and love to see how this app work on my new BlackBerry 10 device

  • Rob-Base

    Loved his wallpapers for a good while now, but never knew how to contact him or let him know until I started using BBM Channels.

  • sherpa

    I’ve been seeing screenshots with people using some of these wallpapers and I was wondering where they came from. I’d love to have these for my Z10!

  • Michiel Cartoos

    Ever since i went BlackBerry i also started to follow berryflow. Each week i’m looking foward to the upstream :-D i watch the youtube video of pootermobile and it looks awsome. Hopefully i can be one of the lucky few who can enjoy this app for free. I’m trilled to see that there are still creative designers out their which prefer the BlackBerry platform. #Can’t wait for mine BlackBerry passport

  • ayoyo

    Gotta have em!

  • Amit

    I would like to have on my BlackBerry Z10. I will make my phone more awesome.

  • bogdan

    I have a Passport and i’ll love to use this app on it!

  • Mr. Tequila Heat

    At the rim of my reality lies a universe of blackberries connected in a IoT form

  • Eric

    I would like a new look of my ppbb

  • fkay

    I already loved the pootermobile Walls years ago on my 9900! Now its Passport time and id be extremely happy to get a copy.
    Greetings from germany!

  • Martin

    I would like the app to enhance my already beautiful BlackBerry Passport!

  • Neoberry99

    Great wallpapers. I’d like a copy

  • dlg

    I love updating my wallpapers depending on how I’m feeling.

    • mundo472

      Pootermobile has been making great wallpapers (and used to make great themes!) for years. I’d love a copy of The App!

  • Sumeet Jadhav

    Ofcourse… its Pootermobile’s wallpapers… The best on BlackBerry 10.. Its unique

  • Quan Nguyen

    fantastic wallpapers you have right there, I have been looking for so long in order to find a creative wallpapers app that meets my need but I still cannot, really wish to try this one out hoping that my search can end here

  • Jason Bankston

    I’d like to have the app because my screen on my z30 has been cracked for a month & finally getting it fixed so some new wallpapers would be clutch!

  • drewichi

    I’m from the Philippines whose surrounded by zombies and I wanna kick out these Androidians and Iphonians using those Cool wallpapers of yours @PooterMobile . Thanks in advance. :)

  • mondi

    My new Passport is arriving today… So… I need this! <3

  • Alan

    Would be nice! :)

  • Pedro Moreira

    I want to replace the foto I have with me and my girlfriend on my background for a way way more cool wallpaper which I can get in your app , ahah ;)

  • petertinh0112

    I want to win one of 101 copies. Thanks @BBRYFLOW

  • Anthony

    Would love to spice up my red hot passport! :)

  • Can’t find a propper wallpaper for my brand new Passport :)

  • David

    I’d love a copy to spice up my z10 with only the best!

  • I’ve been following @PooterMobile (TheWorldofPootermobile) since legacy days for their awesome wallpapers especially BBOS themes. I have to admit I’ve been a die hard fan of their works including concept designs.

    Tweet url: https://twitter.com/Pootermobile/status/574632881563136000


  • Powderjiockey

    Like I always say, wallpaper from Pootermobile is better.

  • AndyZ30

    I just love to make my phone look unique.

  • Pratik

    I would love to have so many wallpapers to chose from!

  • Amir

    I need this awesome app to work on wallpaper, I really wanna to be designer for sites and…
    Please I need it

  • Tango

    My Z10 deserves the best! ;)

  • Naor

    I would want a new look for my BlackBerry z30 it’s a awesome device and maybe giving it a feel would be great