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Foko Mobile Visual Communication Available for BlackBerry 10

By April 7, 2015APPS

Foko is a mobile visual communication platform that allows co-workers to share ideas and events through photos to drive an exceptional level of engagement.

Because the user’s Foko feed is visual, it cuts through the noise and chatter of text-based messaging and collaboration services to show, not tell, what’s relevant and important.

Now keeping a visual history for your company is easier than ever, because your Foko feed automatically becomes a stored archive of rich visual content from across the organization.


Foko is free to use for an unlimited number of users within your company for an unlimited time. However Foko Premium is a paid solution that lets companies manage their communities.

Foko is used by clients in these industries: healthcare, financial, retail, software, real estate, manufacturing, professional services, advertising and media, consumer packaged goods, and more.


Foko lets you:

  • Capture and share visual content privately within your company
  • Share, edit, like and comment on images directly from your BlackBerry
  • Share visual content externally on communities like Twitter, Facebook, Slack and more.
  • Follow and create hashtags for easy categorization and search
  • Store images: Your Foko feed automatically becomes a collection of visual assets you can use later on your company website, in presentations, etc.

Download Foko from the Amazon Appstore



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