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Noreve BlackBerry Passport Tradition B Flip Case Review

By May 22, 2015Reviews

I got the pleasure of going hands on with a case solution by a company called Noreve. This is a flip style Tradition B case wrapped in genuine leather and handmade in Saint-Tropez, France. This south of France spirit is instilled in every product they develop and this carrying solution for the BlackBerry Passport is top notch.

In my week using the case I found a few things stand out. Enjoyed the thoughtful addition of the magnet within the front cover, this makes certain the device screen powers on and off during regular use. As well the button-down kick stand on the back is great for watching movies or reading on the Passport. Huddling up a few friend around the screen becomes that much easier.

The video below was shot at Nordstroms eBar, in a brief hands on you get a nice rundown of the case and what it offers, with a stylish Red Limited Edition Passport against the the soft black leathers of the case.

Another winning point is the plush build of the flip case, it is robust and feels like a leather pillow. I feel I can reliably use the case knowing it will offer ample coverage and support for the device in most drop instances.

The seal on the deal for me was the added integration of card and money slots on the left partition of the case. Bundling the utility of a wallet into this high quality case solution makes it a all in one solution for your mobile needs. While the typing experience is different with the case I find the utility outweighs the bulk. That being said, the integration of the wallet really does add a big benefit for users who don’t want to carry multiple items around, in consolidation this case is a winner. Of note, with cards and cash the case and phone combo is actually thinner than my current wallet…

Learn More / Purchase – Noreve BlackBerry Passport Leather B

The Noreve Tradition B is a well built  thoroughly functional offering for a contemporary user who really wants high style with casual efficiency. From packaging to product the teams in Saint-Tropez have a reliable and time tested design acumen that is only enhanced by the work space offered by the unique BlackBerry Passport.

USD the case will run you around $65 dollars. This case, other lines and colors are all available online direct through Noreve From a practical standpoint you will not find a case with as much sheer utility, elegance and protection for your beloved Passport. For the price, you’d be hard pressed to get a screen or any other hardware repair in that range, which makes the case that much more reasonable.

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  • Lee

    I did order one of the flip cases. If you order the black case, it comes in about 4 – 5 days. The cost for the black was about $60.00 Canadian. I ordered one of the custom colours and this one takes about 14 days. The cost for the custom colour was about $68.00 Canadian. I can’t wait! Customer service was excellent!

    • Glad you made the jump! What custom color did you choose?