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Work Wide App v1.3 Update Brings Enhancements, Blaq Integration

By May 8, 2015APPS, Video

The developer team of @BrianScheirer and @olaf_d have colluded on creating a versatile split-screen container nativley on BlackBerry 10, that utility has recently been updated to version 1.3 and brings a host of new enhancements, fixes and new integration.

Check out the change-log below and be sure to download the application from BlackBerry World.

» Work Wide for BlackBerry 10 – $3.99

Major Changes

  • Blaq (Twitter): Blaq live streaming Twitter timeline and mentions feed automatically connects to your Blaq app installed on your device. Blaq integration into Work Wide takes your Twitter experience to the next level. Now you can continue to view your feed on one-half of the screen and view pictures/web pages of tweets on the other half! **Requires Blaq v1.5+ to be installed on your device and Background Updates to be enabled within Blaq account settings.***
  • Second Picture App: In conjunction with the Blaq addition we needed a second Picture app. Beyond using it with Blaq, you can now easily compare two pictures side by side by using both Picture apps at the same time.
  • Web Browser Improvements: Each Web Browser now has their own “context menu” to provide additional features and navigation. Reader mode has been added usingReadability.com’svice. Duplicate page allows you to easily open your current page into your other Work Wide Web Browser. Also the web address now auto highlights when selecting as well as the web/search text field expands to see a bit more of the web address.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed: SMS font size not using system font size
  • Fixed: Occasional unexpected behavior when viewing an app full screen
  • Fixed:: Occasional improper (re)sizing of apps
  • Other small bug fixes
James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Will

    WorkWide should be called WorkNarrow. The great thing about the Passport is the wide screen. Why would you want to work on two narrow screens? This app goes against the whole concept of the Passport screen. I was skeptical about it, bought into the hype, and ultimately deleted it. Bad app.

  • Jeandry Brito

    Woaw. Nice review James!! This app is super incredible. I cant wait to what else they can integrate..

    Or maybe in the future blackberry 10 will implement this so we can experience this natively without the use of additional apps.

    Thanks for the video too James. Keep up with the good work, bless up.

    • James Nieves

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad the video was worth watching. It’s definitely a complex application you can do so much with it. Video seemed like the best medium to showcase all it can do!


  • Ivan

    Blaq integration is awesome I can see myself using this app more