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200 Copies of Baamboo Music Player Available

By June 16, 2015APPS, News

Baamboo Player is a relativley new application to BlackBerry World and is already showing a lot of promise. The developer is plugging away at a rich, native  music player that allows you to not only play, but manage your music library.

Far from frilly, the application has some sweet features worth noting:

– Browse songs by folders, exclude folders that you don’t want to be loaded.
– Edit tags for song.
– Pick or search missing album cover art and save to tags.
– Load lyrics from tags, auto fetch lyrics online and auto scroll the lyrics while playing a song.
– Control the now playing list: add, remove songs, select to play/pause a song.
– You can rate a song for sorting or filter it easily.
– Easily organize library: song rating, sort songs by artist, title, filename, rating, play count, last played, most played.

*** Shortcut used in playing screen: space-pause, p-previous, n-next, s-shuffle, r-repeat, q-playing list, l-library.

Now, as stated previously the application is still very new. I encountered a few odd bugs that crashed the application when playing music. The developer is ironing out some of these small bugs and actually looking for users to submit feedback.

I’m fond of the ability in app to edit the tags for a song within a native music player. While the UI could use some touch ups the application is off to a good start and we want to share a copy with you!

  • Open BlackBerry World
  • Swipe Down From The Top Tap > Redeem
  • Enter Promocode:¬†PROMOBAAMBOO
  • Launch and explore Baamboo Player!

Please leave some feedback so the developer can grow the application and iron out any nasty bugs you may encounter. I like the app a lot as it blends a lot of the advanced functionality I’ve been looking for all into a simple media player.


James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • Big Chief

    This is a pretty good app and i like it.