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BerryFlow Upstream #55 ~ Leaks


Tonight we’re gonna talk about a BBM Money, a fashionable new Cobalt Blue BlackBerry Classic and the string of new Android / BlackBerry rumors.

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Upstream #55 ~ “Leaks”
June 28th – July 5th

BBM Money Indonesian Expansion
BlackBerry Slider AT&T Bound 
Availability of Coblat Blue BlackBerry Classic
Leaked BlackBerry Slider Render Shows Android’s Lollipop

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@flip4bytes – Alex B. @ abass.co
@elBranduco – Brandon O.
@Bla1ze – Chris P. EIC @ CrackBerry
@Risky_KillMoves – D. Stokes


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  • Merritt Cluff

    I would like to see more discussion in future casts on what your wise panel hosts think would be BlackBerry ‘s best strategy for success in the device business. Obviously openness to android will change this a lot. My view is that it should get out of full touch devices and buy these in from either LG, Samsung, or HTC, and work it’s range on keyboard devices. I say this with terror, because I do not like physical keyboard phones. But I think across all android there is enough niche to have premium keyboard devices where BlackBerry ‘s reputation can earn significant profit. Then let me buy a bb10 with S6 or LGG4. What do you think?

  • Copernic

    Hi Guys. Always good to see/hear you. I try to remember what JC said about Google and Android partneship…. he said *we are fare beyond that*… Amazon appstore was a step… and actually not as good as expected (really slow, not up to date, not so many apps). Snap is really better and it’s missing only Google Services (even if you can workaround this). I am convinced that BlackBerry will keep BBOS but, in 10.4 and the Dallas and Venice devices with fully Google services integration in cross platform a hub and keyboard for android (of course you will have to pay for these). What we see are only rendering and for some QNX hypervisor emulation. At least and that the really good point…. the haters are speaking about BlackBerry… it’s time to announce something (last week of July would be really good)

  • Tris1977

    Something to look forward to every week. Great job. Would love to see some discussion on Nemory studios ending development. Very very bad news indeed.

  • Merritt Cluff

    Good stuff. Thanks. Like others the hub, and the efficiency/ productivity of bb10 is special and must be preserved. I like the hypervisor idea: the only goal is to get Google services and better coverage of software. I am not a slider or hard keyboard fan because I think a pure virtual keyboard has much more potential and has not not been exploited to the full. BlackBerry has too many devices… it’s understandable given it’s focus on enterprise and it’s various needs. But I do not see a defined strategy other than this. I am a broken record: the work wide concept is distinctly BlackBerry and a full touch passport would be my favorite. It just makes so much sense that I do not understand why it is not even among the many leaks!! The form factor is unique and brilliant. To me two work wide devices could define BlackBerrys flagship offering.

    • ELLAS

      Fully Agree. Forget about another physical keyboard niche device and come out with a FULL TOUCH Passport.
      That is what BlackBerry needs and that is what users want.
      And it seems John Chen forgot that Consumers work for Enterprise, and are just as important if not more important.
      Marketing, Marketing and Marketing. This None Existing Marketing needs to stop.

      Full Touch Passport Please. Cater to the 99.9% and not just the 0.1%.

  • JJ

    Can’t wait to watch this week’s episode, the leaks this week have been off the hook. I thought JC was getting rid of them. Perhaps he is using them to his advantage. Hey James, just a quick question, is Snap ever going to come out of Beta. I am starting to think it is on the BlackBerry Express schedule.