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BlackBerry Slider May Sport 18 MP OIS Camera & Patented Glass Weave Backing

By August 8, 2015BlackBerry

We’ve discussed the BlackBerry Slider device that was shown off earlier this year only twice over the many months since first teased. We first posted that upon closer inspection the BlackBerry Slider looks to have a front facing speaker, and likely a touch enabled keyboard next we followed up on renders released via @evleaks of the BlackBerry Slider running Android.


A new rendering shows off the back of the device in a break down of the camera module,dual LED flash, and a branded 18 MP OIS lens with ‘Fast Focus’. As well, if you inspect the full image it looks like the glass weave solution may return on this device, previously seen on the Z30 and Q10 releases.  I LOVE the look of the glass weave personally and I’d love an updated formula on the BlackBerry Slider. But with all that said these are simply renders and are NOT a final indication of anything BlackBerry is actually developing.

Take a look at the photo:


I’ll close out with the purported specifications of the device from N4BB.com

Here’s the BlackBerry “Venice” Slider Specs:

  • 5.4-inch Quad-HD display
  • 18 MP rear-camera
  • 5 MP front-camera
  • 1.8 GHz Hexa-core (Snapdragon 808 chipset) 64-bit
  • 3 GB RAM
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  • Nick Vass

    Please please please please please let it be BB10 with full android support…. NOT Android.

    Did I say please!

  • Anthon Jackman

    Whenever it comes I’m going to get it! Even if it’s just to support BlackBerry. I want them to keep making me phones so for now my Passport is the bomb and I will try a little android again. Then they will bring me my monster BlackBerry back with full android support and I’ll be in heaven! Fingers crossed!

  • nerdydaddyo

    BlackBerry historically drags their ass when it comes to bringing a device to market. Will it be worth the wait? If the specs stay as suggested, yes. Should BlackBerry stay silent about it? No. In fact, they should be boasting about it starting NOW if the launch is November. Anticipation buildup makes a device that much more irresistible. But then BlackBerry was never savvy at marketing.

    • ELLAS


  • Von

    Sounds all great, but the real question is when will it be available. If the competition roles out something better first, BlackBerry will be screwed once again. As great as Z30 was it came in too late

    • ELLAS

      Agreed. But even with Passport Spec’s I’ll be happy. Because BB10 runs very efficiently.
      But to sell the BB10 platform to none BBRY users, they will have to compete in this Special race. Something Android Manufacturers fabricated years ago.
      Neglecting the awful Android OS and concentrating on Spec’s to sell phones.

  • lnichols

    Hopefully it doesn’t sport Android with this camera.

  • Edrian

    Excited for this device, whether its a BB10 or Android, it doesnt matter as long as its a BlackBerry. Hoping for its release on December.


    The specs look impressive. I can see It running BB10.4, but could also be BB10.3.****.
    If BlackBerry plays this right, this could very well end up being the Z30 and Z10 upgrade millions have been waiting for.
    This will also give those wanting to finally dump Android for BB10. Specs speech a 1,000 words.