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On the war path, BlackBerry has staked key focus points for their road map, leveraging business units within the company to consolidate and unify action ability. At the reins of CEO John Chen, BlackBerry is focusing in on diverse and convergent sectors of the mobile space – sectors that will grow and expand with BlackBerry. This is different than the market positioning of other players like Apple and Google, chained to the consumer tick. Instead, BlackBerry rides the edge of the market. Because of who their customers are they have a leading edge into the requirements and direction of their own offerings. Enterprise will remain, at a technical level, a story of trust. This is a tale BlackBerry has written for the last decade, and will expound into the next.

BlackBerry, at length, has outlined this objective through their offering, detailing to users what potentials exist within the focus points of Enterprise, Hardware, BBM and QNX. As they adjust their strengths to meet these sectors, the underscored similarity between them is mobility. Be it data in motion, devices in hand or security on-the-go, BlackBerry is an all-in-one approach to secured mobile communications, and the mesh of assets they unite will serve as the building blocks to the future.

BB_EmbedWhen you think about communication, it’s a very broad thing. For BlackBerry, they invest themselves in understanding and addressing the layers of communication from an end-user and technical perspective. This allows them to craft experiences not seen on other ecosystems. An example could be the two-way nature of Remote File Access on BB10 and wireless USB mass storage. It’s not about “our” communication anymore. It’s about platform and ecosystem communications that can facilitate many more “conversations.”

Albeit a bit abstract, BlackBerry is looking to create a space, not so much saturate one. Just like they opened the void that made email a mobile phenomena (which spurned a gold rush for mobile innovators), BlackBerry is cutting a new edge that will unveil the next generation of interconnectedness. Label it what you want – the Internet of Things, Machine to Machine… A convergent, yet diverse focus is what’s driving BlackBerry to build forward.

Look at BBM Channels, look at the purchase of Movirtu and their CloudPhone platform, WatchDox secure file sharing, Secusuite encrypted voice and AdHoc more recently, then look at BES12+. Each of these points for BlackBerry highlights a unique amalgamation of assets, acquisition and focus. What makes this company’s position so strong is that they have relatively no direct competitors. If at all, their biggest competitor is the consumer; and yet at the end of the day, when they leave the office, those business men and women are consumers too. This is a problem BlackBerry will attack with software, not hardware.

It’s a difference of market approach. To say BlackBerry is a “niche” offering is very accurate, but to look at that niche as insignificant stems from an obtuse market —where iterative updates through the same forays lead to droll ambiguity, lack of vision, and yet is subsequently sold as fodder for hundreds of thousands. BlackBerry does it differently. They don’t play off the homogenized sameness of their competitors, while BlackBerry simultaneously uses those devices to proliferate their services across platform.

BlackBerry has a clear way ahead as the tectonic plates that hold the market begin to shift, not overtake. To showcase this convergence in a more present tense let’s take a look at Samsung’s latest accessory in response the the growing feedback to OEMs that the hardware keyboard is still desired:

BlackBerry may never hit the pinnacle they met years ago, but to say they are done pioneering, innovating and delivering amazing mobile first products and services would be a injustice to the very DNA that BlackBerry upholds. Regardless of what’s to come we can respect the hard work done to keep BlackBerry relevant in the highly competitive space in which they continue to navigate and execute.


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  • KPR

    Hey James:

    Very good article. Good Read and right on.

    This is the kind of stuff that should be highlighted in the tech media outlets. Thoughtful and Intuitive technology journalism. Not bashing at BlackBerry all the time.

    If BlackBerry was not relevant, Why all the bashing?
    Way to go James. Keep Moving Boldly!


  • Copernic

    Always good to read… a taste of Jubei…. by the way the recent events in China could abond in your analysis… we see Apple CEO having problem with SEC due to a simple mail aimed to Market Traders. When you deal with mass market and you see your market share decreasing (if you put aside the new chinese market) well when the Chinese economy has problem all your company (shareholder point of view) is in trouble.

  • Ebs69

    Awesome nice read, even for me as non-native speaker. :)
    Thanks for that article!