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BlackBerry Unveils the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

By August 4, 2015BlackBerry, News

Today, BlackBerry introduced the new redesigned BlackBerry® Passport Silver Edition, which features a sophisticated design and intuitive tools that business professionals need.

The new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition makes everyday tasks easier with updated features that business professionals need to stay productive on-the-go:

  • Achieve a stylish look with a refined industrial design, made with a stainless steel frame to provide more strength and durability
  • Always stay connected with the new BlackBerry 10.3.2 operating system, including new features such as BlackBerry Assistant, BlackBerry Blend and Amazon Appstore
  • Never worry about charging your phone with the best-in-class battery that provides up to 30 hours of usage

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition will be available through ShopBlackBerry.com in North America starting today for $549 USD. The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition will be available through ShopBlackBerry.com in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in the coming weeks. Amazon.com, Carphone Warehouse and Selfridges will be launching the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition online in the next couple of weeks. Selfridges will also launch the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition in the BlackBerry Shop at Selfridges London. Distributors in select regions will also carry the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition in limited quantities.


A variety of accessories including cases, carrying solutions, chargers, and audio peripherals, are also available through partners or ShopBlackBerry.

For a limited time, purchase a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition through ShopBlackBerry and get over $130 USD worth of accessories with your purchase!

Get a behind-the-scenes look on how the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition was made here and check out the press release.

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  • Merritt Cluff

    I gave up waiting for an all touch passport and ordered this SE. I am quite nervous to go back to a physical kb, and to a square screen. I still think that an all touch model would be the best move by BlackBerry. I find it incredible that it’s not part of a full enterprise strategy with the work wide theme. Fixation with a physical kb, is strange. Let’s see!!

  • Robert

    I like it alot but I feel like I was cheating on my woman if I got this to replace my sexy red and black PP. Long live and prosper sexy red!

  • As the title of one of Eddie Money’s 1980’s hit says “I think I’m in love”. Still gotta give love to all us red passport lovers/owners out there in the world. You know who you are!…………. James lol

  • Jon raymonds

    Looks awesome


    This should have been the original Passport. But 2 mistakes BlackBerry made with this phone. It’s identical to the original Passport spec wise, and there’s not a Full Touch version available. So people have no choice in the matter.
    Give us a choice. I would have purchased 2 of these had there been a Full Touch available.

  • Martin

    I gave in and ordered mine last night. Awesome looking device…

  • martinjdub

    I’m an admitted fan of all BlackBerry but this silver model is something extra special…

  • Tinman787

    Looks like a great addition to an already great lineup.

  • Brayant

    Just curious. Is it all made entirely of stainless steel? Or combo of steel and colored plastic? And also is the stainless steel the same quality as the one found on the white Q10? Sadly mine began peeling which is annoying as I hate case apart form holsters. Can I get a feedback as am really looking forward to ordering this silver edition. Thanks

  • Chris

    Trying to use up the internal hardware inventory. I will wait for the slider and then decide….silver passport or droidberry, or bb10 on a slider with high end specs.

  • Tris1977

    From a company that wants to refine it’s expenditure, Im not really sure why they would want to put new soles on shoes that are nearly new anyway. I think they would have been better off making a cost reduced version and then releasing something like the silver edition but with better specs. That’s just my view. Obviously they are trying to extend the life of the passport. The silver edition just doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

  • Aran

    Man-oh man that’s a sweet looking beast! Bigger ‘chin’, exactly what I’ve needed. The current bottom of the Passport is so small it makes holding it and typing for any period of time quite awkward, I’m very happy this new, solid looking ‘big-chin edition’ is coming out and I intend to buy the hell out of it as soon as it is released here in the Uk…!

  • Chris

    I do not understand this new edition. There should have been a real update. This is just a cosmetical updatee. The specs are the same. Such a pitty.

  • AndyZ30

    I agree that it definitely looks high end. This is what the Passport should have looked like from the beginning.

  • Sakazuki

    Looks really a high end phone. Want to see if they have improved the camera…

    • Same specs as a BlackBerry Passport 13MP OIS camera element