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This week we’re talking new BBM Stickers, Sketch Xpress by Pootermobile, AdHoc TSA win and BlackBerry’s biggest acquisition to date, Good Technology.

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Upstream #64 ~ “GOOD”
August 31st – September 6th

AdHoc secures 200 airports through TSA contract
BBM ‘Sticker Club’ for Subscription Based Stickers
Sketch Xpress by Pootermobile
BlackBerry to Acquire Good Technology for 425 million

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@flip4bytes – Alex B. @ abass.co
@jmznvs – James N. EIC @ BerryFlow
@Bla1ze – EIC @ CrackBerry


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  • Merritt Cluff

    I think the Apple/iPhone launch event was interesting. It is no wonder why Apple is doing so well. It would be interesting if one of the BerryFlow panelists could do an article on what BlackBerry could learn from Apple’s strategies on system, device development, and image building. Aside from Android which we know BlackBerry must now embrace more fully, it’s operating system-device integration is worthy of much deeper research. Apple is proving the importance of device-software integration, and it’s link to ongoing improvement. In BlackBerry case, the focus on enterprise has been chosen. But where are new innovations? Security ok, but in terms of productivity? The passport was a good start at work wide. But where is development from there? Making the passport a laptop replacer etc. I see innovation at BlackBerry needs focus and boost? Revive the ‘research’ in motion.

  • Paul Elzey

    Actually, I hope the Blackberry/Android slider is just something to please those Android users, and with the acquisition of Good Technology Chin delivers to the Blackberry faithful the best BB10 experience to date!

  • pnmaal

    Putting my money on BlackBerry Vision or Sabre

    • Jose Jimenez

      The name of a new Android phone is not important to me, What is MOST important, IF they are truly going to release one they MUST confirm it ASAP, Preferably before Apple 9/9 launch, At least let people know its coming then more will wait for it rather than running out to buy something else first. Don’t wait until the ER/CC or later to confirm it millions of other devices will be sold by then that could of possibly been future BB buyers. Same goes with their Stock Price, John Chen has said before many company showed interest wanting to buyout BBRY but thought $15 was way to cheap, I agree $15 is cheap but stop denying rumors IF they are true confirm they received $15+/- offers regardless if the BOD rejects them IF they would just confirm one offer then the SP would/should at least reset closer to $15+/- and shorts would not keep driving the SP down as if they are going out of business. I agree they can not and should not comment on all rumors, However, IF a rumor has some truth to it come out and confirm some of the positives and rebut the negatives. Therefore, fine keep the name a secret until ready to launch but confirm its coming IF its coming and today or tomorrow would be a great day to do just that.