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Follow the BlackBerry Q2 fiscal 2016 earnings, CEO John Chen has taken the time to make official BlackBerry’s plans to deviate from their platforms roots with BlackBerry 10 and launch an Android device dubbed Priv by BlackBerry.
We’ll discuss outlook, earnings results and the future of BB10.

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Upstream #67 ~ “Requiem”
September 21st – September 27th

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  • Merritt Cluff

    When has any company nailed a device the first time? I don’t think that will happen. Certainly BlackBerry has a shaky experience with this. Imagine if Priv fails to get its security rating? What will that mean? I think BlackBerry is right to go android, but its very true that in itself is the end of BlackBerry as we know it. Hopefully it morphs to something new. I’m not sure I see it. It would sure be nice if they could run these os in parallel but that is not on. Is this now the end of qnx too?

  • Chris

    I think not adding bb10 to the slider hardware was odd. I don’t believe it is financially driven. The only logic to me that comes out of that decision is that Samsung , Google or both of them made an agreement with BlackBerry that they had to go strictly android if they wanted to use the curved screen or some android technology in order to make the phone. If that isn’t the case, I think it was a bad mistake. They claim to want to move towards software, yet they make a phone for Android and are willing to develop apps for the OS, but won’t develop drivers for bb10 on the slidder….

    • James Nieves

      It’s not financially responsible to continue to pay for drivers to be developed so Qualcomm can run BlackBerry 10 with every new spec bump..Especially when no one buys it..Chen said himself if he could pair BB10 with all the apps it’d be a smashing success. Of course we want more BlackBerry 10 devices. If the Android Slider does well maybe they can foot the bill to build those drivers and offer it to core BB users. The incentive is pretty low, this is underscored by the move to Android with Priv. I suggested an alternative which would be reuse the Passport reference platform (for which drivers and support already exists) and repackage the Passport specifications into the Slider hardware. But again, only a few thousand would buy it. I would buy it! But…

      No thunderclap or ground swell will allow BlackBerry to afford the cost of failure. Better off setting up a kick-starter so the diehard can pay for the Qualcomm drivers needed if they want a BlackBerry Priv running BB10. Developing an OS for new hardware is not cheap or easy. Android is definitely not for everyone, and switching from BlackBerry 10 will drive me crazy, I know it will. But I’m going to support the company whatever their agenda and that’s my privilege.

      The drivers are expensive due to how BlackBerry needs the chip to securely boot the OS at launch…

    • Chris

      I’m not by any means knowledgeable when it comes to the costs for developing drivers for processors, so your explanation does help.
      Knowing what you said, I would take it that they have no plans for a hexacore processor in the short future, or at least not unless they make some money from the Sales off Android…but Chen said it himself – If android is a smash hit, then he would try to transfer Bb10 to Android. (I think I read that somewhere)

      I do think that the sales for a Bb10 slider would be higher then some are guessing, and I get that BlackBerry can’t take the risk, but looking around at BlackBerry die hards, they all seem to be in need of an upgrade. I see z10’s, z30’s and Q10 all looking to upgrade. This to me seems like real pent up demand! Priv/android should be geared towards new BlackBerry users. It would be interesting if CB users had a poll between the Android Slider and BB10 – what they would prefer if given the serious choice.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? If BlackBerry doesn’t see it being cost effective to continue to work on and produce BB10 then why don’t they see the developers see the same thing.

    • James Nieves

      They are still working and producing BlackBerry 10 updated for their existing customers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • PaulD

    Hi Gents,
    Good show tonight, agreed the name of the new slider is aweful, but hey what do we know !… I think it will work out fine for them anyways and also think they will have a BB10 version, they need it for the more regulated industries until they can prove BBDroid is secure enough. My guess is the 2nd phone coming out in the new year will be an all touch, same screen as the Slider, seems to make sense. All they have to do is remove the keyboard, put in a bigger battery and voila, same specs, same options for BBDriod and BB10. By the way the Visa/Victoria has the fold away keyboard, it is not a full slider, search CB for it, that would be my next phone if they ever make it.