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BlackBerry’s Android Slider Gets Video Hands On

By September 18, 2015BlackBerry, News, Video

It’s happening. An Android powered BlackBerry Slider code-named Venice is headed toward an imminent release. BlackBerry hasn’t officially spoken about the device or the OS it might be running since it’s early tease at MWC. Similar in style to the BlackBerry Passport the BlackBerry Slider is surely creating a groundswell of supporters and critics ahead of any official announcement. The specs, launch date and overall software package remain a mystery, but courtesy of a source via Android Authority we’re seeing a video of the device in a brief almost too low quality to be true 480p video. Love those pixels…

One interesting bit is the updated camera bezel which names Schneider optics on the ring. Revealing a bit behind what kind of lens may come on the 18MP shooter. Megapixels aren’t everything but we’ve heard BlackBerry has been on the hunt for camera software developers in the past few quarters. It’s an interesting track and the hardware is revealing some nice, simple, high end accouterments. We’ll see how the pairing of hardware to software irons out for BlackBerry… too much remains to be really seen. The big, in your face front facing speaker is another item that looks great and implies great sound, but without any samples it’s hard to say so prematurely.


Here are some of our observations which were already suggested in previous articles:


The specs seem solid enough as per the rumors:

  • 5.5-inch Quad-HD display
  • 18 MP rear-camera
  • 5 MP front-camera
  • 1.8 GHz Hexa-core (Snapdragon 808 chipset) 64-bit
  • 3 GB RAM

What are your thoughts on this device based on what we see in the evaluation unit from the video? 

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  • Todd

    I think this phone or at least adding android to their scheme of things will help them out a lot! Go Blackberry!

  • George R. Cuervos

    It’s just an Android who’s going to fit to Operating Systems on one device if anything I was hoping those rumors referred to the option of a more BB10ish UI or a regular run of the mill Android device but in all honesty I think a combination of the two would be better. I can’t see why BlackBerry couldn’t use the Android operating system and still give us a BB10 experience with the gestures, and all. Just my opinion.

  • Héctor González

    Can anyone tell what is under the sticker on the bottom left corner of the screen? Even on the video it looks blurry on that cornered. Does anyone know?

  • Vishal

    SOUND Seems nice.its only wait when it will officially announced otherwise I dnt care abt the rumours

  • Kezzy66

    It need frets give me bling :)

  • Jörn

    The hardware itself seems to be high-end and eye-catching… but I’m not interested in another Google-whore not even its dressed up in a noble BlackBerry skirt. I’m already annoyed by the typical google searching bar above! And as a consumer I’m not interested or involved in the Security-discussion which is reserved for BES12… BlackBerry hardware with OS10 is the only option for me. BlackBerry can’t be a BlackBerry anymore with Android inside.

    • No on is forcing you to buy it. Get an S.E stay with BlackBerry 10 :P

  • Rajat Bhargava

    I am excited about the device but I am not sure how much of BB10 will be part of this phone. Will it be skinned Android, or skinned BlackBerry because the guy said Androidish!!! Tough choice for me, rather simple and wait till BlackBerry makes the official announcement.

  • George R. Cuervos

    The phone looks Hot but I was hoping to see the BB10 UI despite the Android OS or at least a combination of both, but this looks like Android. Just Android. No BB10 gestures like peek for easy access to the HUB it won’t stop me from getting one, but a little disappointed about that.

  • Don

    Sounds like the Hub is there also. If it has the Hub, I would be willing to give it a try.