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Months ago I challenged our in house lead graphic artist @Pootermobile with rendering BlackBerry’s new slider device with his unique hand and style. Considering SO much about the device remains speculation, I thought it a good time to reflect on what we’ve seen – these renders come at an interest time toward the end of BlackBerry’s fiscal quarter. Below you’ll get to see some gorgeous conceptual renders of the BlackBerry Slider in Red, Black, Blue, White, Silver and Purple. Along with these phenomenal visualizations I did a small QnA with Marco to capture some of the design tenants and challenges that come with a device such as this. Enjoy the read, the eye candy, be sure to tell us which color-scheme you like the most…And please, no drooling.

Q: Marco, from a design perspective what stands out for you on the Slider form factor?
A: The fact that the device is a vertical slider is what stands out for me. I truly believe BlackBerry has been the only one to make a vertical slider look good, and that includes the Torch.

Q: In the rendering the device what was the most difficult aspect?
A: The curved edges were probably the most difficult to emulate in the rendering. I have no idea what the dimension of the curve is so I just eyeballed it.


Q: Which color Slider is your favorite (you better say BLUE!)?
A: Not because you said it, but I’d have to say blue! People’s necks would be broken from doing double takes of the blue slider!

Q: I know you have a Classic, do you like the 4 row keyboard layout personally?
A: Having owned a Bold 9000, 9700, and 9900 I love the 4 row keyboard. I haven’t had the chance to try out the Passport’s 3 row keyboard though.

Q: How do you like the Slider form factor compared ‎to your FLOW Slider Render from earlier this year?
A: I think I’m leaning more towards the current slider form factor. The curved screen, 4 row keyboard, and speaker on the chin make the slider stand out more. Although I do like my FLOW slider render’s Passport-like back with the bezel near camera.


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  • Sanath07

    Look smart….

  • Agung Prastyo

    This design is very cool indeed special and cute I wanted to have it I want gray fur monkey

  • Kelvin Peña Raymond

    They look great….. great work Marco.
    I stay with black

  • tuqueharias

    Cool renders I like silver,red and blue, If the purple one has bb10 I take it!

  • Ija Ali

    If they do a Silver SE edition like my passport, I’m using the rent money to get it. Lol

  • AndyZ30

    My favorite is the Silver or Black slider. I’m not keen on colors because I’m afraid I would get tired of it.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    I’ll take the red slider with the red keyboard and the black slider with the grey keyboard.

  • Looks smart, but is it premium build I have a passport now and it has to be better build quality for me to buy one.