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We need your help! To keep Upstream going weekly and to be able to refine the show and give back to our subscribers we’ve launched a Patreon campaign. This campaign offers a way for use to get you shirts, pins, stickers, and access to exclusive bonus content like the Upstream aftershow audio download and invite to our private BBM Channel where we take topic suggestions and questions. It’s all about giving back to you all who have supported us across the many months! The campaign allows you to “pledge” aka donate a specified amount. Your donation can then in turn be used to redeem reward tiers listed on our Patreon campaign.

Take a look at the rewards and consider supporting the show so we can continue to offer weekly content, insight and impressions on all things BlackBerry!

BerryFlow is a passion pit.  The Upstream podcast is aimed at maintaining an open and consistent dialog around BlackBerry Ltd. With over 60 episodes behind us, the support has been tremendous. We do not monetize BerryFlow with tacky advertisements or aggregated accessory stores. Instead, we offer some of the best and most unique content for BlackBerry fans around the world, pro bono (for the public good).

For the viewers who have followed along with Upstream’s growth, we wanted to present a mutually beneficial offering through Patreon to get supporters exclusive content through user determined donations. Slapping on a ‘Donate Here’ button was far too conventional.

Patreon Campaign


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