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Two Years of BlackBerry 10 Form Factors

By September 18, 2015Overview, Video

In the last two years of BlackBerry 10 we’ve seen a trove of hardware form factors to suit the gesture based OS from BlackBerry. True to form the company, through its biggest transition ever, managed to put out an entire portfolio of products with a lightweight OS and great messaging experience built right in.¬†Enjoy this short video walk down memory lane, I’d like to remind everyone that these devices are still very functional and will remain under support and in operation for years to come.

There are some sweet form factors that BlackBerry offers and plenty of reasons why even after years these devices stay ready for business.

James Nieves

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  • Frank DeLaRosa

    Well, after being a long time Verizon customer, I went ahead and purchased an unlocked Passport and activated it on TMO this weekend (Must have been James’ incessant boasting). So far, it’s been pretty cool finally getting my hands on this sweet device. It’s nice getting back on BB10 too. I’ve been using a Samsung Note 4, but always longed for the Passport. Having used an android for the first time tho, I can say that I’m excited for the upcoming Slider. Let’s see what happens and hope for BlackBerry ‘s continued success.

  • Thomas

    My favourite BlackBerry form factor is the Classic, it is just the ideal dimension for a everyday smart phone. With that said, I still bought the Passport over the Classic, mainly for the bigger screen size and higher spec.

  • 3_M4N

    I’m interested to see whether the next iteration of the Classic will have the touch enabled keyboard, or if they’ll go back to the Q10 6orm factor for the touch enabled keyboard and leave the classic keyboard as is.

    I know having the track-pad, touch enabled keyboard, and a touch sensitive screen may sound redundant, but as a Classic owner, I’d really like to be be able to use gestures while typing like the swipe back to delete and swipe up for word suggestions. At the same time, the track-pad is ideal for precision clicking on websites on the smaller screen, as well as handy when filling out forms on the smaller screen.

    I’m adamant about the fact that I think the Q10 should have included the tool belt, but not including it lended to the great form factor it has in the hand, so I can’t be too hard on it.

    Needless to say, BlackBerry has proven time and time again that they’re not afraid to try new form factors and I’m sure we’ll be pleasantly surprised with the designs they release in the future.