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If you’re interested in purchasing a Priv by BlackBerry, the companies first ever secure Android powered device, you’ll know solid information around the devices features and software capabilities have been hard pressed to find. Now with Priv available for order (shipping Nov 6th) more information is coming out from carrier partners which serves as a tutorial for sales representatives and savvy customers.

In the tutorial linked you’ll find a swipe by swipe simulation of the Priv and some of its inner working. BlackBerry has made subtle changes and tweaks to stock Android while leaving the overall experience rather vanilla. The only areas BlackBerry has manipulated with the Priv software kit are the areas BlackBerry brings more value. Some of this is highlighted in the photo below:

If you want to checkout this Priv by BlackBerry web tutorial visit the linked SIM below.

Checkout Priv Simulation

Photoset via BlackBerries.ru

BlackBerry-Priv-Hub BlackBerry-Priv-Hub1 BlackBerry-Priv-Hub2 BlackBerry-Priv-Hub3 BlackBerry-Priv-Hub4 BlackBerry-Priv-Hub5 BlackBerry-Priv-Hub-copy delite edge Edge2 edge3 hotkey Screen-Shot-2015-10-25-at-15.56.30

In the photo you see the access panel for the Productivity Edge which tailors its offering to the user depending on what they’re doing.


Enabled applications can be swiped on the home screen to reveal pop out widgets allowing users to peek into application notifications. Prv_PopWid

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  • Necmettin yavuz

    BlackBerry should take the Android platform. Because it is a privilege to use their BlackBerry devices.

  • Greg

    All I have to say is I love my Passport! All BlackBerry 10 OS

  • Praetorian11

    Exactly James. They don’t give any guidelines as to when carriers can possibly release it? I mean why then do their own release and withdraw it again after a while. It is quite clear they got no plan going in to this. It confuses people more than anything else. You got to agree with me, they could have done a much better job on this one than what they are currently doing.

    • James Nieves

      Just wait a few more days :)

  • Praetorian11

    What hell is BlackBerry doing with Priv. They post something and then take it down. What is going on? Is this someway to create more excitement then I am sorry they got this wrong too.

    • You do realize a carrier leaked this before the device is officially released, yeah?

  • Mario

    Downloaded the pics before BlackBerry request they be taken down. lol

  • Ray Li

    Access forbidden. Simulator gone now.

    • Screenshots are all that remain as the link was pulled about 3 hours ago.

  • Graecus

    Dunno how I feel about this. I want to love it but it just feels too Android – clunky. Too many steps, no flow….