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Priv by BlackBerry Registration Page Goes Live

By October 14, 2015News

Checkout the new pre-registration link for the Priv By BlackBerry. After long wait the device is finally coming. The page confirms a large 3410 mAh batter, branded optics and the 5.4″ dual-curved display. Also, BlackBerry has teased DTEK, a warning system for applications to add in layers of privacy for end users. Check out the posting transcribed below and be sure to register!

“PRIV has the authentic BlackBerry keyboard, legendary security, streamlined communications and productivity, combined with the wide world of Google Play™ store apps. It has been engineered with the world’s finest technology, and packaged in an ultra-thin, ergonomically perfect device with a keyboard hidden by SmartSlide technology.

– Stunning 5.4” dual-curved screen
– Long lasting 3410 mAh battery
– Choice of touch and physical keyboards
– Schneider-Kreuznach® certified camera
– Extraordinary audio quality

PRIV also introduces the exclusive DTEK™ by BlackBerry warning system app to provide you with the power of privacy.”

Check the registration page below!
The World’s first BlackBerry Secure Smartphone Powered by Android™

Register for Priv by BlackBerry Info


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  • Chris

    Well if anyone wants a passport just wait until the fire sale.

  • Chris

    I’m actually getting that abandoned feeling within BlackBerry World, just can’t see anyone really wanting to develop apps for bb10 anymore with the message being sent. Had two colleagues in the last 2 weeks consider Passport and z30 and I had to tell them to hold off. Couldn’t lead them down this path. Both coming from Android and not interested in the Priv when I told them about it. Chen should not have been so candid about the likley hood of scrapping BB10. It almost reminds me of the end days of MR Heinz…..

    • Merritt Cluff

      I agree completely. The move to Android msy be understandable but the transition is not being well managed nor presented. I mean this could be a killing moment. All device sales such as passport will go zero now. If they were poor before they will be nothing. The risks of the Priv become now fully clear. If Chen could say that android will become available for the passport that could help him in transition. If he could say that the Priv will have also bb10 that too would help his cause. He just does not have the horse power to do it.

  • Roy

    BB10 version??

    • Chris

      Nope. Isn’t happening.

  • Fishtayl

    We want you in Canada ASAP!

  • Bmac

    Awesome thanks!