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This just in, BBM users in the UK, US, Germany and South Africa are seeing a PayPal logo within their chat attachment options. We heard about this initiative back in August between BBM and PayPal. Ultimately, for users unfamiliar you can check the paperclip icon that rests aside the BBM chat text box to see if this integration has become available. BlackBerry Messenger turned 10 this year and it’s really reached far into the software side of mobile tech.

Check out this breakdown of some top features that make BBM excel in the mobile messaging space.

BBM – Feature Rich and Security Conscious

It has a few hundred million installs, (100,000,000 – 500,000,000), 6.4 million reviews (that’s 5x the number of ratings and installs as Telegram) at a very respectable 4.3 avg star rating.. It’s fully cross-platform, and heck, it even beat some of the major players on getting to the Apple Watch. (It’s on Windows Phone and obviously BB10 as well).


BBM is actually pretty damn good. You don’t have to link your phone number, you get a unique PIN that you can give to people.. Or add via an email address. For instance you can add someone from say craigslist (as an example) to message them and then remove/block them (I hate giving out my phone number to random strangers, they can be psycho and blocking phone numbers isn’t very easy without a 3rd party app). Best of yet, you don’t need a phone number to verify the phone.. So those who don’t have a phone number (some people have smartphone/tablet that just works on WiFi and have no number attached to it), BBM works just fine.


It looks great (material design), It has read/write receipts, groups, data voice chat (BBM Voice) very clear sound, as aforementioned PayPal integration (can send friends money very easily from within the app), Glympse integration (to send moving GPS location to friends for x amount of time, nice when telling a friend I am heading over and they can actually see on a map exactly where I am and how far away I am), timed messages (SnapChat-like functionality, can send pictures/messages for x number of seconds that vanish afterwards), Ability to edit/retract messages (if you send a message to the wrong person or screw up a message, you can pull it back or edit it and resend it to that person), I mean it really has a lot of useful features.

And best of all, BlackBerry is putting all of its eggs into the Android basket with the Priv. A phone running stock Android for the most part. This is great because they are going to focus their efforts on their Android and iOS software with their productivity suite from here-on-out (BBM being one of their main BlackBerry Experience Apps) so they are an honest contender. Soon we’ll likely be getting cross platform BlackBerry Blend software which allows your phone to streamline communications like BBM, SMS, and email across devices in a bridged secure tether over Wifi or mobile data connection.


Oh, and it’s free. Unlike the $1/yr or whatever WhatsApp charges (but never actually charges anyone) or whatever the hell is going on with that…


Alex Bass

Author Alex Bass

Alex is a Front-End Developer & UI/UX Designer. He is the President & Co-Founder of CyberBytes Inc. and made the BB10 App Web Design Cheat Sheet - Follow him at @alexhbass

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  • I was on business trip for 12 days recently. During my trip I faced more than 250 Call Drops (most of you will be unaware of this term but here in India even our Prime Minister had to point out this issue publicly!)
    Finally I switched to BBM Calls with my contacts who are on BBM and asked others to install BBM those who had not installed BBM. I was pleasantly shocked & surprised to observe that the Voice quality was something like one to one meeting. 98% calls went very well (comparing to 1% of GSM Voice Calls). I am giving benefit of doubt (network issue) for rest 2% not so good calls on BBM Voice. In fact BBM saved me from cutting off with the world despite of extremely poor network.

  • Fernando

    Now that BlackBerry 10 OS is almost done I hope Blend to go cross platform very soon, I use it daily and is everything. Actually BBM is lot more than a messaging app, for me is the best a wish I could contact more contacts through BBM but we know how strong is WhatsApp.

  • Frank DeLaRosa

    The PIN requirement is actually a hindrance. That’s probably the number one reason it will never again regain it’s popularity. Ain’t nobody got time for that request

    • Frank DeLaRosa

      and approval process. WhatsApp has the right approach. Make it easy for users. And if you’re too paranoid about giving out your personal number, then I suggest using email.

  • Mike House

    I really liked BBM music when that was around, they should re introduce that feature but with some new flavor.

  • paul

    I’m a BlackBerry user for a vvlong time, and I always was a fan of it, and suggest people to use it, but these days my bbm is not responding properly, the bbm msgs dosent reach on time even though the other end is a BlackBerry phone it was once great, nw it’s so disgusting!

  • John McG

    I am a kids soccer coach and use BBM to communicate with parents. The team name changed slightly this year but BBM does not allow me to change the Group name – why? It’s the little things!!

  • BlkHoneyBadger

    BBM is a dark horse and has a lot of potential in what it can offer. However BlackBerry is overlooking it’s potential with their enterprise focus. All the features they added have nothing to do with enterprise except the message retraction. I think they would be in a better place if they would have kept their promise and brought cross platform video chat like they promised when BBM went cross platform. Also the flop of channels is another let down. Channels had some potential but it was never advertised to companies ( sports teams, musicians, clothing companies) as a way to connect with their consumers/ fans. I believe I they get video up an running within BBM and revamp and clean up channels BBM will stand tall.

  • Madhuchandran

    BBM is the undisputed unsung hero. As previous posts revealed, it is a question of polishing the Gems to lustrous temptation.

  • AA

    What do you think if BBM had banking channels to pay your bills and transfers?

  • Merritt Cluff

    Maybe King but not enough citizens in the Kingdom. Samsung should have bought BlackBerry and used bbm with special features so it has a facetime/iMessage counter. May still happen. BlackBerry has undersold channels badly. That should have been it’s play into corporate and team interaction with bbm alongside. I find overall real mobile vision is lacking at BlackBerry, except maybe for security.

  • Abdul

    BBM still needs improvement with regards to group chat like sending videos in group chat, renaming the group etc… coz of this force to use whatsapp…

  • Roy

    Yeah..it has everything, but how can you convince people to move from whatsapp when the have 100% of their contacts in that platform to bbm and they have to install a new messaging program from BlackBerry and they still keep saying that BlackBerry is dead???? Or too old or whatever they’re saying about BlackBerry?!?!

    • And that’s definitely the question. But if BlackBerry does a good job with the BlackBerry experience suite on Android/iOS and manages to really integrate the HUB with BBM with Blend.. People might get used to Blend and the HUB and then BBM is that one additional integration that fits like peanut butter and jelly. Yes, it’s going to be EXTREMELY difficult to sway people, BlackBerry has to either come out with some unbelievable feature, or just integrate their productivity suite so nicely in the phone that people want to actually use BBM as they are so used to relying on the HUB and such.

  • Josh Reebel

    I love BBM. Since it went live a little while ago across all platforms my list of friends has went to 1 or 2 to somewhere in the 30’s.

    It’s my go-to. Plus my WhatsApp went from about 10 to 3.

    Posted from my Q10 via the power of “Q”