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This week we feature a very special guest Sean Silcoff, he’s co-author of the book ‘Losing the Signal’ which recounts the spectacular rise and fall of BlackBerry as a mobile darling in the era of iPhone.

We’ll be recapping the week’s news and dissecting some of the history to understand the company’s renewed direction with the launch of PRIV, BlackBerry’s first secure smartphone powered by Android.

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Upstream #75 ~ “Signal”
November 15  -November 22

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@alexhbass – Alex B. @ abass.co
@elbranduco – Brandon O.
@jmznvs – James N. EIC @ BerryFlow
@bla1ze – Chris P. EIC @ CrackBerry
@SeanSilcoff – Sean S (Author, Losing the Signal)


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  • JBravo

    Brilliant podcast. I purchased Sean’s book a few months back, I’ve only read a few chapters thus far so I’m still in the early stages of this read. I plan to finish it over my upcoming summer work break. It was very interesting to get Sean’s view on the different topics and questions and to understand some of the reasoning, personalities and factors behind the decision making (or lack of) of BlackBerry the company in years gone by was very insightful, from the horses mouth so to speak. Quite the privilege to have Sean on the podcast.

    From Sean’s recommendation, I will now also look at purchasing “Rise of the Robots” as well now.

    Thanks again,

  • Chris

    Podcast was good and Real!!! A good wake-up call. Love BB10 and will just hope for the Best! But was good too have a outsider on. And break it down more of a downer then anything but the truth.

  • rickydarmawan

    I still using blackberry between iphone and android century

  • Merritt Cluff

    A wonderful upstream. Thank you. All seems pretty bleak now. I do think the right device strategy and the move to Android will work if done right. There is lots of room in this market and now I do not see any obstacles, and lots of opportunities. I do think BlackBerry does need a strong slab option, and a strong value option. I’m not a slider fan, but a work wide slider could have strong demand from enterprise market. Many work professionals need more portability.

  • I like blackberry i love it