> Instagram brings 3D Touch gestures to Android
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Instagram brings 3D Touch gestures to Android

By December 9, 2015Android, APPS, Video

It’s always fun to see 3rd party apps make fun of Apple’s patented features. 3D Touch is one of those gimmicky features Apple used to upsell their latest iPhone’s but really, we’ve been using gestures such as long presses on mobile devices long before Apple “invented” the idea. Their implementation is another source of fragmentation, there they throw hardware at problems software has solutions for.

In the app within image grids you can now long-press on thumbnails to pop up a larger window and ‘peek’ at the image and take instant actions. This makes browsing images a bit more useful while adding interaction into the application to increase user engagement. It’s honestly something we loved in BlackBerry 10 and wish more application developers adopted. Reaching for hidden menus and the like is arbitrary and gesture based interactions are what made BB10 such a pleasure to use.

Instagram has taken the 3D Touch user interface paradigm and brought it over to their Android app, and seeing as the BlackBerry PRIV runs Android there’s an ironic ha-ha moment when seeing long-press gestures from BlackBerry 10 on a BlackBerry device powered by Android replicating Apple “features.” Regardless, you can download the latest version of Instagram on PRIV or BlackBerry 10 devices by grabbing the download link below or checking for the update in Google Play.

Download Instagram 7.13.0 (APK)

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  • Brayant

    I just updated it. Thanks for the heads up. The pop actually works. Hahaha laughing @apple