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At CES 2016, BlackBerry CEO John Chen clarified the company’s stance on their homegrown mobile  operating system BlackBerry 10, which is derived from the same real-time software platform used in QNX automotive to power next generation connected car consoles.

The move is a two pronged effort to double down on the security conscious market segments that demand BlackBerry 10, such as regulated industries and governments which seek a high level of compliance to security standards. BlackBerry 10 will be updated in two stages throughout 2016 with the release of 10.3.3, bringing NIAP  certification and 10.3.4 later this year which will focus on even more security enhancements and improvements.

“We’re not abandoning the loyal customers
who have contributed to our success.” – John Chen

Maintaining BlackBerry 10 as the gold security standard will allow BlackBerry to continue servicing their strictest customers in some of their most important markets. The core of BlackBerry 10, QNX, is also showing market moving advancements in the auto industry with the launch of new platforms that are paving the way toward autonomous drive. This platform is scalable and touches everything from acoustics to ADAS.

BlackBerry 10 represents years of mobile-first ideology and will leave a lasting impression on millions of users the world over. BlackBerry 10 is architecturally robust and nimble enough to be repurposed in numerous ways.

Do not consider this OS dead. Chen has stated that if their Android endeavors can buoy the handset business, future devices may be released with the BlackBerry 10 OS. While there may be a lot of uncertainty around BlackBerry’s future as a smartphone hardware player, there are undeniably investments being made to preserve and expand BlackBerry 10’s unique value proposition.

A commitment to excellence is tough to make in the face of challenge and adversity. Yet BlackBerry has chosen to hold onto the path they’ve traveled and drive it into their transitive future. While Android may dominate the hardware save in 2016, if that save is successful the company will be better positioned to offer a variety of solutions for their targeted demographics.

Considering that BlackBerry OS7 devices are still prevalent in many markets, we simply do not see BlackBerry 10 being exhausted anytime soon. It’s still the most secure, most productive commercially available mobile operating platform.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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  • CdnWilly

    Great news. I loved by Z30 and only switched to the DTEK 60 because the apps were disappearing. BRING BB10 Back!

  • Amit Dhakaan

    BlackBerry The Best

  • RanaDeep

    I always stick to BB10. Most secure and advance gesture OS ever use. I felt in love with BB Hub. Love BlackBerry 10 4ever..

  • Graecus

    I surely hope they stick with it. It’s by far the best and smoothest mobile experience I’ve ever had. I currently own other brands too but none of them gives me the same ease of use and integration as bb10.

    It would be a folly to drop the best thing they got going. Alter it, update it, make it more compatible with larger app markets, yes to all that. But there’s nothing wrong with the operating system itself

  • snksvr

    I love my BB10 OS, for me is the best in terms of responsive and productivity. My Z30 has everything I need for business and work day.

  • Rogerout

    This is shameless shilling for BB. You should be ashamed to be perpetuating BB’s ambiguity campaign. BB10 is dead for phones, and you know it. We all know it. The actions BB has taken on BB10 are unmistakable.

    • If no updates are given after the 2016 updates we can declare it dead. Until then you’re perpetuating news that isn’t.

  • Daniel

    They should definitely keep the BB10 OS and promote it alongside their Droid phones.

  • Vahagn S

    Unfortunately Chen is going there the money is. Can’t blame him really. If android will help BlackBerry make money they will move away from 10. We all think 10 is great but bottom like there aren’t many of us. The average iPhone user doesn’t even know that BlackBerry still makes phones let alone understand why 10 is good.

  • Merritt Cluff

    I think BlackBerry Is underselling bb10. What does it take to provide a better and more updated runtime. If Cobalt can give us Google Play/Google Play Services, why can’t BlackBerry?? At least facilitate Cobalt’s work. This is a good os for messaging… open it up. I would pay $$ for a higher runtime.

    • QNXbbx

      Bb10 should rather be devoided of that fucking DROID drone and all of its nefarious dependencies. Damn !
      Then Mr. Chen, should send me the code.
      After that BlackBerry can go bankrupt…and keep fucking around with the rest of the motherfuckers out there playing balls in the US security/ privacy theater of bullshit.
      My 3 bb10 phones will last for another 5 years of total joy and freedom.

  • Vito B

    Let BlackBerry earn some $ with Android devices and then invest it into further developing BB10 OS and phones for it.

    • ATInsider

      Fully Agree.
      Nothing touches BB10. And only BlackBerry Management (Then & Now) is to blame for the poor sales performance. Screwing up all BB10 Dev’s, not marketing BB10 phones and coming out with 2012 outdated hardware specs and expecting people to pay a premium. Those days were over years ago. Wrong prices, wrong devices no marketing etc., Blaming BB10 for lack of sales is not only foolish, its negligence at best.

  • Big Chief

    Going to hold on to this BB10 for as long as I can.

  • hernan

    The BB10 Os is the best Os there is. Smooth, fast,secure, and easy to use. Chen should not abandon us loyal BB10 users. What we need is a high end like Priv or Passport Ii, Classic Ii, or Z30 Ii with the amazing BB 10 Os. Android in a BlackBerry phone is still android experience which i dont like. Long live BB10!

    • ATInsider

      Great Point, going from BB10 to Android is like a Ferrari to a Civic. No Thanks,
      BlackBerry 10 is far superior, technologically, and is far easier to learn how to use. Android is a mess within a mess, with menues upon menues, that do not make sense. Android apps and its navigation within the apps are poorly designed. Android will never evolve and will never come close to BB10, because its a dead end OS and platform. Just like iOS, completely useless. Those that know and used BB10 understand what I mean.

      JC needs to 1st come out with a high end full touch Z30 replacement powered by BB10, and properly market the bloody thing. Gain carrier support and promote app development. Pay dev’s to release key apps that people want. And watch the sales of BB10 increase 10 fold.

  • Christian

    In a lot of ways I respect Chen’s move to Android for the Priv. He brought BlackBerry to the greater App driven Android community. They are hungry for security and hardware features. But I wish they came out with a BB10 version. Better yet let us choose wchich OS to install after security wipes. That would be the true statement to the loyal BlackBerry community. BB10 on that kindof hardware would be an amazing sight.

    Also, I agree with the OS7 comment. If a Legacy platform can see such use in 2016, I know BB10 will serve my needs for years to come. Robust HTML Browser, strong email client, Hub, and excellent build quality. Why “upgrade” when my needs are met?

  • Tim

    Funny how they go all out on specs to release the PRIV. When they came out with the BB10 phones the spec where nothing special. In some cases like the Z30 outdated at launch. I use the Z30, BB10 does run great, still. That shows how efficient BB10. But where do I go from here. There is no phone to go to next. If I get the PRIV and move to the Andriod platform. I probably won’t come back to BB10.

  • Vahagn S


  • sky

    Long live BB10 ! I don’t have much knowledge of the other O.S’s, but I do love my BB10 experience a lot. It’s so smooth, and responsive to my needs. When I try someone else’s iPhone, or Android it’s just not as easy to use, not as efficient as my BB10. My needs require very few apps, so that’s make me a natural or a perfect candidate for BB10. I really can’t complain about any of it. It is for my a fun worthy
    experience. Long live.