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Today marks the three year anniversary of BlackBerry 10. Still arguably one of the most productive and mobile first commercial operating systems ever developed. If you’re using any of the BlackBerry 10 devices you know you’ve got a rock solid handset with tons of features and unique additions that make it a one of a kind secure productivity experience.

Here’s a look back on some of BlackBerry 10s most memorable hardware through the years:







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  • Kevin

    “Hopefully you have priv to upgrade to soon”!??

    Wth, James?! Your post was about celebrating BB10 and you respond to the fan’s complaint about his carrier with that comment?!

    • He’s on Sprint there’s no other BB10 device for that user to upgrade too. Should I have told him to switch carriers instead?

  • Iain livingstone

    I Love this OS, tried the Priv but two months with the Android rubbish was too long!! Sold it and finished my BB10 collection with the Classic!! Hope Blackberry don’t drop this OS!!! BB10 loyal.

  • Josh Reebel

    Still loving my Q10. But I am on Sprint. So there is that…

    Posted from my Q10 via the power of “Q”

  • Ravinder Kumar

    Uber is not working….. now it has become an essential App for everyone. I am fed of trying Ober for Uber which is not working properly. I love BB 10OS but now i have to move some other OS. Sorry to say but BB is looser and not able to meet the customer requirements

  • Bryan Green

    Blackberry 10 is simply the best and most secure OS out there. Even now 3 years later I saw that iOS is trying to incorporate some the gestures that’s been available on BB10. As far as security, I’m sorry Priv is an Android devise that as I heard someone say trying to secure it is like trying to put a band aid on a leaking boat. Sure the Priv is more secure than most Androids but it’s still way behind the security that BB10.

    As far as the so-called app gap ever since 10.2.1 I’ve been able to get any app I want from Blackberry World and 1Mobile without having to learn how to sideload an app. I’m no technical expert but surely there’s another way to close the “app gap” on BB10 other than by simply giving up on the best OS and building an Android devise.

    Also, if anyone is reading this from Blackberry one improvement I would like to see, is adding a preview in the HUB where we can see the message and even interact with them in preview mode which will make multitasking that much better.

  • Fernando

    Still using my Z10 and enjoying the OS even more than 3 years ago. Long live to BB10.

  • Points To Ponder

    The apps are there! Not only do I currently have more than 275 apps currently installed on my Q10SQN100-5/ (almost all from BlackBerry World), but I have been installing Android apps via the Amazon appstore (such as Avast & Malwarebytes) & even directly from websites (such as Show Box). Even greater app compatibility & OS features exist in BlackBerry 10.3, & I have been eagerly anticipating it. Since T-Mobile has YET to make it available to my device, I will soon enjoy the manual OS update experience. (By the way, T-Mobile’s device insurance has NOTHING on BlackBerry’s device insurance!) That was a VERY COOL tip on browser history access. I also enjoy the five down swipes at the upper right corner of the Hub to restart the BlackBerry Hub, the slide the most recent picture to the center of the camera for a quick peek without going completely into the recent pictures, the hack of aiming an infrared remote at the camera (regardless of camera mode) while pressing any key on the remote (without recording or snapping the picture) to test for infrared activity, the use of making private BBM channels for could storage of photos–for those times when one’s BlackBerry Link/Blend computer(s) is/are unavailable, the apps that makes old phones into private, useful surveillance cameras, the ability to save the Facebook URL to the Home Screen (like an app) to overcome the misgivings of the actual app, the embedded flashlight feature, the mini-HDMI port, the Story Maker app, the BlackBerry Express app, the Screen Reader BETA feature (Settings → Accessibility → Screen Reader BETA) which (when on & activated via a triple tap of the power button when the screen is off) is a very effective way to keep prying eyes from accessing much of ANYTHING nonphysical of the phone (including the lock screen), & the Calendar appointment feature of efficiently informing all participants that you are going to be __ minutes late. Now that so many Good apps have attained the highest certification available & that BlackBerry 10 devices can replace common access cards (CAC’s) on unclassified devices through the loading of PKI credentials, BlackBerry’s work in the Internet of Things (IoT; especially in medical & shipping industries) & implementation of WatchDox file security & of Movirtu virtual SIM card technology, with working with Ford & Toyota on a new infotainment system industry standard, BlackBerry’s AtHoc communication contract acquisitions, lawsuit victories, & BlackBerry’s 40,000+ patents…BlackBerry still aims to support BB10!

    • Sam

      Software update

  • Mark Skillington

    Hi James, I agree wholeheartedly, I was pretty slick 11 yrs ago and Orange.Au’s push email c/o BlackBerry Bis, regularly impressed my various employers (envy from colleagues on Nokias like you wouldn’t believe) with prompt replies/confirming gigs etc on my 8707 & various BBOS6&7 devices and have definitely gone up a gear or two even on my Z10/30/Q10 (can’t decide so swap regularly).
    Channels and this format are terrific as an infrequent comment maker.
    By the way New Tips (for me duh) ; 1. long press on back arrow in the bb10 browser for history and 2&3. keyboard down swipes (once or twice) for one off symbols but tap “?123” for multiples. (And! Please help, How do I get the “$” instead of “£” to the front page on the Z10 keyboard first page downswipe as is sooo helpful on the q10/z30 ‘keyboards’?
    Yours sincerely, Mark

  • Daniel

    BB10 the best OS ever developed and the worst marketed ever. BlackBerry please don’t abandon your loyal BB10 fans like you did with the PlayBook.

    • They needed apps more than they needed marketing IMO.