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Contest is now closed Kevin Klein is our winner!

This contest is open to EVERYONE world wide.

We love our Patreon supporters, and we’re always looking to bring in more users to watch our Upstream aftershows, download our exclusive wallpapers and partake in bonus BerryFlow content. To the trained enthusiast this box should not hold much mystery, yet still those curious to win checkout the entry methods detailed below. Best of luck!

Below is a breakdown of the entry methods for this contest.


Comment on Patreon with what you think the BB10 device is! (One Entry)


Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bbryflow/ (One Entry)

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*Note, if you’ve already done some of the following listed below, reference this in your comment on this posting.

The winner of this contest will be announcing on February 1st, 2016! Happy contesting. Be sure to comment on our Patreon post to submit your official entry.

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  • Rais Jamigul

    Blackberry 10 the most secure and solid platform in term of security and best device for work and personal life. Been with BlackBerry since 2008, its never disappointed me.

  • Aadhithya

    winner is ??

  • Gianandrea

    And the winner is?

  • ATInsider

    I tried the BlackBerry Priv keyboard and I don’t like the feel of it. It does not feel like authentic BlackBerry. Buttons are too small. The OS interface is too slow for me, feels way too much like Android. That’s a no thank you.

  • Konbit

    Behind mystery box number one is the incredible Z30.


    I’ll go for a Z30 or a Passport Silver Edition.

  • nyamweya jackson omwanza

    Need from my bold OS 6 that OS ten will magnify my life

  • nyamweya jackson omwanza

    It has got a longer box so it cannot be a passport cn only be a Priv

    • ELLAS

      It says it’s a BB10 not a Priv.

  • nyamweya jackson omwanza

    Blackberry priv such a great machine need it

  • Aaron Yodo

    It’s a Leap from how the box look like. Would like to have one, thank you for the chance :)

    • ATInsider

      Hopefully its a BlackBerry Z30.

  • Christian

    My guess it’s the White Leap James picked up a couple of months ago. I’m sure it will be in great condition.

  • Cynic

    I suppose it’s a Leap. It could not be a Classic or a Passport.

  • Vito B

    I fulfilled all the contest requirements including optional ones. BB10 is the best major mobile OS and I’m happy to be a part of the process of making it better. I’ve reached out to BlackBerry directly dozens of times with my ideas and continue to do so. A lot of them have been implemented already. Whoever is interested can read my article here: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=853953
    Whatever this mystery phone is I’ll be honored to win it because it’s on BB10 OS. People like us keep it alive.

  • Stu

    It’s has to be a Blackberry Classic for sure!!!

  • Lee

    It’s a BB Classic!!

  • Lee

    I believe it is a BlackBerry Classic. The box looks a little small for a Priv. I would love to own either or a Passport or a Z30! So much to choose from!

  • Brandon Seet

    It’s a BlackBerry Priv!

  • Bryan Green

    I think it’s the Classic

  • Jazpal

    Its a BlackBerry z30..

  • Jon raymonds

    The Priv I hope

  • Vahagn S

    Well, it is obviously the new BlackBerry watch. You know, the one that no one knows about. Haha.

  • Roderich

    BlackBerry Z30.Sure!

  • Ronnie Mcknight

    Maybe a Blackberry Leap

  • Mattiaptt

    BlackBerry classic

  • Adam Walton

    Blackberry Leap. I could be completely wrong and it could be a PRIV with BB10 on it somehow someway.

    • If it was a PRIV with BB10 i wouldnt be giving it away !

  • Fab

    BB Classic!

  • Gianandrea

    I think it’s a Classic

  • Kira

    I love my passport! Honestly it took me about 3 months to get used to the size,but now it’s perfect!!!

  • Leo Greenfield

    I hope it’s a premium Z30!

  • Joseph

    Bb10 os is the best os I have used.

  • LiGun

    Z10 black it’s okay…

  • Shaun Ferguson

    I think it’s a Leap, would look great next to my Passport as a second device. ;-P

  • Lucanitro

    This is the next blackberry, maybe the vienna!

  • Kevin

    My guess is that it’s a Z30. Is that because that’s what I want it to be if I win? My three followers and anyone who reads this now know that I also Tweeted out this contest. Good luck to all who enter… but I still want to win!

  • Sumeet Jadhav

    I believe it’s a BlackBerry Priv. Would love to own one. :*

    • ATInsider

      It’s a BlackBerry 10 device, as stated above.