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“Better” is a relative term, and while Snapchat and BBM are not necessarily aimed at the same user demographic, BBM has been adding privacy and control features which make the childish simplicity of Snapchat’s messaging concept rather amusing to end users who are actually paying attention.

If you care about Privacy, stop using Snapchat

A few years ago, 4.6 million Snapchat accounts were compromised by hackers; emails, usernames, and passwords from Snapchat users were leaked to the public. In fact, my own personal Snapchat (JMZNVS) was compromised in the attack. The selling point of Snapchat is ‘ephemeral’ messaging, which is to say after a message is sent it disappears leaving no evidence of the message, picture or video sent between users. The youth simply love Snapchat for its funny face filters and point system.


The problem with Snapchat is that in terms of privacy, it’s rather horrendous. Users can easily screenshot images sent between one another, and while Snapchat notifies users when these screenshots are taken, it does nothing to actively inhibit this, meaning ultimately your privacy is not taken into consideration, and left to your own discretion. On Snapchat, you can send messages for a set time period and have them disappear there after. Timed messages are something BBM added to their application last year. These timed messages can be used to send pictures or text for a specific amount of time, much like Snapchat has been doing for years. Other privacy and control features were added as well including Private Chat  and the ability to Retract messages.

BBM actually cares about user Privacy

As an example if you send a timed message on BBM for Android and try to take a screenshot, you’ll be unable to. A common work around on Snapchat for those who still want to take a screenshot will sometimes download a ‘Screen Recorder’ application and record a video of the message opening and save the video to save the Snaps. The team at BerryFlow tested this popular Snapchat workaround on a timed message on BBM between two BlackBerry Priv handsets and were astonished to see that the video recorder app recorded a black screen while viewing the timed message. Showing that the two most popular way of keeping timed messages from disappearing are inhibited by the BBM application itself. Snapchat has no such security precautions in place. It’s the difference of focus and execution between BBM and Snapchat.

BlackBerry is a better messenger despite Snapchat hype

BBM is the king of mobile messaging. It started the mobile instant messaging revolution and that pedigree stands the test of the time against incumbents such as Snapchat. Snapchat just rolled out a new Chat 2.0 interface and features, but it is still tainted by the same failed ephemeral concept that Snapchat was build on. You can’t really have a conversation on Snapchat, because once you leave the app the chat history disappears. BBM balances instant messaging with truly protected timed messages, private chats, message retraction, message forwarding and so much more. It’s a shame more users aren’t using BBM, because it’s a damn good SMS and Snapchat replacement.

Feel free to share these benefits of BBM with your peers and spread the good word! What features of BBM do you think make it stand out from the plethora of other messaging solutions?


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  • 3_M4N

    I BBM everyday and didn’t know about that feature where it doesn’t let you record timed messages. BBM is so feature rich. There should be more articles and videos showing these features.

  • Rose gold

    Great like the article,an is so true


    Nowadays people don’t seem to care about Privacy. Just ask the many major Companies and Corporations using Snap Chat as Mandatory Requirement. Quite pathetic actually.
    Despite the Fact BBM is the best, most secure instant messaging platform to date. Even WhatsApp fails in comparison.

    But why are people using Snap vs. BBM? Probably because BlackBerry has given themselves a bad rap over the years.

  • Merritt Cluff

    Nicely researched and written. What impedes bbm android from having video like bb10?

    • Cost. I imagine that it’s expensive to run video infrastructure for the masses. Hence it not being expanded outside BB10 devices

  • tee

    Excellent article BBM #1

  • Rawin

    Great . Not many knows this . James Nieves did a good job by explaining this article .
    Thanks .

  • V. Kong

    Great article!