> BlackBerry Just Enabled Swype Typing On Priv Keyboards
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In version 2.0 of the BlackBerry Keyboard for Android, BlackBerry has added swipe input functionality through the BlackBerry Priv slide out physical keyboard. Below is a change-log for the application itself:


Other much needed features like updated emojis and the ability to highlight text using the┬átouch enabled keyboard also come along in this update. It’s the innovative execution of the popular Swype keyboard input methodology that’s impressive.

We’ve all seen those Swype virtual keyboards on Androids and iPhone devices, but BlackBerry has just taken that swipe input concept even further by mapping the BlackBerry Priv physical slide out keyboard with swipe capability. Touch + Type + Swipe.

I slide my finger across the physical keys and type without even pressing a letter.

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  • I want the Priv, BerryFlow

    I’m so tired of Fantasizing about this device down here in Africa

  • Kezzy66

    I’ve gone back to my passport, my priv is just not BlackBerry enough for me. In fact I wish I’d kept my classic, perfect size and one hand operation, bliss!

  • Kevin Ware

    Probably will never use it. But it sure is nice to have as an option!!