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From the creative genius of @Pootermobile, in collaboration with BerryFlow, we’d like to present a new vision for BBM Channels. Today marks the 3 year anniversary of BBM Channels’ release, and there’s no better time to share our concept design of what BBM Channels could be as a standalone application and full fledged social media outlet.

ChannelsIconBBM Channels is a service from BlackBerry that allows users and brands to create channels within BBM. Users can subscribe to the channels while the channel owners can push out custom content to subscribers. Channels include anything from personal users to brands to communities. BBM Channels is ultimately a mircoblogging platform that blends the best of popular social media services like Twitter and Facebook with statistics to allow content creators to tailor content for specific demographics and users across OS.

We’ve taken inspiration from the longtime BBM Channels icon and used it to craft a front end interface that puts many aspects of the application front and center for users to engage with. We’ve also added in long press gestures to unveil extra context information all from this interface. Check out the video below of our beta rendition.

In our sketches, we envisioned RSS Feed integration, Channel Shops and so much more for the fledgling platform. We wanted the standalone BBM Channels app to be developed as an Android application to allow for quicker development across BlackBerry 10 and Android.

With a recent backend update for BBM Channels, this 3 year anniversary is not bittersweet. No, perhaps there is more to come for Channels as a platform for commerce where brands can truly engage directly with their customers.

James Nieves

Author James Nieves

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  • I bet it’d be great if the upgrade also have the ability to share posts, not just to bbm contacts alone but other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

  • Tinio Espinal

    Good try James, I’ve been waiting the BBM channels app. It looks nice in that demo.

  • Frank D.

    I have been active in channels since the beta days and have really been hoping for a big change. Some new features would be great. Hopefully your work hear doesn’t go unnoticed and BlackBerry does updating soon. Great job #TeamBerryFlow

    • Thanks for the kind words, we hope as well to get the creative juices flowing over at BlackBerry – hopefully they see our passion for the platform and that can fuel their own efforts!

    • Mike

      It seems like blackberry fans are more dedicated to the platform than the company. Blackberry better wake up and start providing diehards with what they need before it’s too late. I love my Z10 but chen thought the Leap was a good idea for a downgrade. Maybe they should hold competitions and pay big rewards for redesigns if they do not want a fulltime creative department.

  • moe

    What phone is he using?

  • Lee Blanchard

    Great idea James! I feel that there is so much energy for BlackBerry Channels at the moment that could be better focused! I constantly show others stuf that I have come across and I explain Channels is cross platform and easily accessible to all. I like your new ideas on the design!

    • Thanks for your comments, we agree there’s just so much uninvestiagted potential in the platform. They are helpful when the content is good and updated regularly.