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With the proliferation of mobile devices, security has never been more paramount – and no other company is more chiefly aware of that than BlackBerry.

Security is in BlackBerry’s DNA. As the company aims to reach one of its strategic goals to make its device business profitable, it recently conducted a study of more than 8,000 Android users to weigh their thoughts on security and privacy.


BlackBerry conducted a poll of over 8,000 Android smartphone users between 35-54 years old in the U.S. to uncover the mobile security and privacy implications Android users take into consideration to protect their valuable information and data. The poll was conducted online through Google Consumer Surveys from April 11-13, 2016.

View the results in the .PDF below or visit Inside BlackBerry for more information.

Pulse Survey Data Analysis .PDF


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  • Imtiaz H.Khan

    Well at first,samsung phones are rubbish,and nothing close to blackberry,blackberry is world class,the best brand,simple.thanks,IHK.

  • George

    I was with a friend the other day with a Samsung Note Edge running Kit Kat and couldn’t be bothered to upgrade software. He says well it’s running fine and doesn’t need an update. Truth is most smartphone users just want to fit in and don’t really need a smartphone.