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On March 31st, 2016, Facebook on BlackBerry devices was set to stop working. What happened instead… Absolutely nothing. The announcement for the demise of Facebook support on BlackBerry is much over-sung (if not entirely premature).

When I transitioned from my BlackBerry Priv (hint: runs Android) back to BlackBerry 10, I had not made the *silly* update to a browser based version of the Facebook app, and wouldn’t ya know, the app still functions as well as it ever did, which in and of itself was never great – but Hub integrated notifications are often better than me having to actually launch the app, I mean who does that??

Get it back! Facebook message from the Hub, notifications for birthdays, comments, likes and replies – all that stuff we’d grown accustomed too. Knock on wood, even Facebook contact sync is in full swing.

For BlackBerry 10 users looking to get that goodness back, here’s the path to get it.

*Understand, this app could stop working at any time but for now it still works.

As well, I want to offer some Android alternatives to Facebook and Messenger to users who need a more robust Facebook experience, BlackBerry 10 does run Android applications after-all, but finding working .APKs can be a pain.

Source: CB Forums 1, 2

You will need to sideload the old Facebook .BAR file to regain access to the old version of the native Facebook for BlackBerry 10 application.

(Native) Facebook for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 can install .APKS directly. Enable this in the settings and download the Android Facebook application.

(Android) Facebook
App version: 28.0

BlackBerry 10 can install .APKS directly. Enable this in the settings and download the Android Messenger application.

(Android) Messenger for Facebook

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  • Jaspal Singh

    Unable to login the old FB on Z30. I have side load of old FB . Plz help

  • John

    Thanks!!! it’s an android app for blackberry but that’s ok. at least it gave me back the option to Share to Facebook.

  • Don Durant

    I down loaded the Facebook file for BB10, but can’t seem to log on? I get a link when I open the Facebook app which says “Add an Account”. It does not allow me to log in, it sends me to my Add Account page in my Settings. Any suggestions to get to the log in for the Facbook app?

    • TK

      thats where im stuck too :/

    • John

      install the android one. it also adds Facebook to the Share list. is developer mode enabled in your blackberry?

    • John

      install the android one. it also adds Facebook to the Share list.

  • Paweł S.

    Well, the dropbox link doesn’t work…

  • Clovis Habimana

    Hi guys. I am using BlackBerry Q10 I keep on receiving message like unable to open apk. I checked in settings I can’t find where is installing app option to allow apps from other sources. Can u please advise me on what to do. Thanks

    • John

      did you enable developer mode in settings?

  • Ava

    Oh my gosh!!! Ive been searching for this since all the apps failed! I mean the old app’s not exactly the greatest but its definitely better than nothing which is the supposed “update” they made. Anyway, thanks so much for this!

    Oh by the way, do you, by any chance, know how to get rid of the previously sideloaded apps on BB10? I have a Passport Silver & since i updated most of my apps by sideloading a few months ago most of it stopped working including Viber now I tried reverting to older versions but it would always give an error message, something about having the latest version etc. even though I’ve already uninstalled the latest ones. I’ve been reading threads about this same problem. The app icons are no longer there but for some reason, their guts are still all over the system.

  • rhyan

    Do you have latest version of messenger?

  • Ariel


    Any idea if something like this will work on whatsapp too?.

    On 2017 I will not be able to use whatsapp on my passport.

    • The Android version of Whatsapp will continue to work for BB10

  • judykemz

    Mehn… finally my worries are over am really thankful I can now use d android app on my passport.. thanks

  • Brian e Ebden

    Its works VOILA!!! But no Facebook Live “(

  • Nisar

    Thanks for solving the problem. working better than previously downloaded apps.

  • Gio

    God bless you man!

  • tky

    its working

  • Albertino

    Thanks James. Can you get the Google maps to work on bb10 too? I know you can do it. I believe you can!!!!!

  • great

    The android version is refusing to log in. Help plz

  • Emmanuel

    Am using BIS on my blackberry Z10.
    FOLLOW @emmanuelmbewe3 on twitter

  • frank

    Dude, thanks a million!!
    This sideload ish works like magic. I now have my Facebook back, hub integration, sync and the rest… for now, it still works.. whenever it stops, I’ll turn to the apk.

    Thanks bro

  • Ace

    OMG thank you so much !! Love ya <3 i dont know why facefook do that.. its crap to not have facebook on app.. they sucks. But with you i have old version and messages on HUB really thanks bro

  • Andrei

    A simple way to use fbk app with hub integration on your bb10 phone

  • Saqib Hassan

    Is it available in south Asia?

  • Andrew Schron

    How do I sideload it on to the blackberry. I downloaded it but it said unable to open facebook or do I have to do it another way?

    • Andrew Schron

      I see the sideload info in that link above but it seems confusing. Does anyone have a video of it?

  • Hakan

    Dude you are a freaking genius

  • Maqsood

    I’m no facebook user no matter in what format it’s available. But I do use whatsapp. I recently changed from using an iphone 6s plus BACK to using my q10. Now I know whatsapp is no longer going to be supported by the end of December on BlackBerry 10 but that doesn’t mean the app will stop working. It could mean that we just won’t get further updates in future. That’s all. So who knows we may just as well be able to use these apps as per normal. Then again someone may just be able to work around it if the app does in fact get removed.

  • James

    Bloody Genius mate!

  • Atenista

    Thank you for that. It is so nice to have once again Facebook at the hub!

  • Ujjwal Singh


  • Mauro316

    My question is: if Facebook stopped support for BlackBerry 10, then how come we have a native Facebook app like Face10 that does the job, even better than the official Facebook app did? If there’s nos support how can they get it working? And if they can, why isn’t BlackBerry developing an in-house app with those functionalities? There may be a technical part I don’t get, but it does not make sense to me.

    • Face10 I hacked together using the Facebook for Android APIS. Facebook stopped supporting their BlackBerry APIS.

  • Antonius

    How do I Side load this with my computer? Very confused.

  • Vitaly

    James, I swear! This is the best article I ever searching to get my BlackBerry more productivity. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Vit.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the info. Already bought Facebook 10 – which works great. I wish Blackberry hadn’t done this – they further tarnished their reputation in the eyes of many people. Maybe someday they will learn to put their customer first and that marketing, product showcasing and PR skills are essential, especially in this crowded tech industry.

  • Vitaly

    Last week I brought new Silver Edition and download BerryFlow. I don’t update my OS10 Facebook, and happy to get beautiful Facebook and Messenger together with work APK. I am very happy to see your help guys, please stay in touch. Also when I first time try to a place comment here my device is going to reboot…hm!

  • Brayant

    I have been using the Q10 since 2013 and I didn’t update the Facebook either to the garbage BlackBerry put out at the app store but I recently got the HTC10 after just 3days I got tired of it. Even though it has the latest and greatest spec,it just felt slow to me because I always have to press home, back, and multitasking button. I returned it back to HTC, got my money back and purchased the Passport SE. Lord! This is the best phone I ever had and am not going to use any other platform regardless of the apps or not. This phone is built for me. Very unique, powerful and it is the quality is top notch. I got angry with the update Facebook always showing on the app world whenever am updating other apps or downloading new ones. I ended up updating and immediately deleted it. Now I sideloaded the BAR Facebook app and that update Facebook is no longer there. Truth is I live in North Dakota were you won’t find anyone using a BlackBerry around. It is either an Android phone especially Samsung or an IPhone and I like to be different. I just don’t want people using anything I use.

    • Leonel

      Amigo Brayant me parece que no le ha dado tiempo al HTC10, para mi es el mejor telefono android ahora en el mercado, claro soy leal usuario blackberry pero si tiene que ir a android el HTC sin duda es mejor que ir a samsung, me encantaria tener un Pasaporte sin duda pero el presupuesto no me llega aun disfruto de mi vieja Z10. saludos desde Guatemala!

  • Anna kilian

    You are the best. Thank you so much


    Great Job Mr. James!!
    I got older version of Facebook because of you. Many thanks.
    I want another help, my BlackBerry  z3 memory is showing “device storage is almost full” but in setting show : system is 3.92 gb, user file 175 mb, apps 1.25 gb and free 572 mb. How can I free internal storage. Please help.

  • J4frul

    For those who have Cobalt’s Play Store installed, just make sure you turn off auto update in the Play Store and whenever there’s a prompt for an update, just skip it.
    Do.Not.Update the android facebook app above or your latest version of facebook and messenger will not work.

  • mike

    Sorry man to much work for me to do all this downloading garbage. I’m not computer savy. Just want a app to update and brings back the old BlackBerry version of facebook. Go here do this all this steps too much work. Instead when my contract is up I will ditch BlackBerry and go get a Galaxy S7 android device. Here in Canada home of BlackBerry most people don’t care about them anymore for the reason of lack of popular apps. I will be joining them shortly.

    • Right. That’s why I supplied a link to the Android .APK which pushes hun notifications. Hit the link download it right on your BlackBerry 10 device no computer required. Either way enjoy your S7!

  • Aju

    Anyway to get facebook beta zone app?

    • The native facebook app I link below is newer than the facebook app that was in beta zone. You have to sideload it using a computer.

  • Alaskari

    Yes; that’s what I’m talking about! Excellent performance. It works like a CHARM! Thank you for your great help!

  • Gilang

    The APK works great (the PlayStore version can’t log in). Thanks.

  • Farzeen Rashid

    I wish the company would care as much as you do james. We all share that love and passion for BB10 more than any other OS. The passport is the major reason I have been hooked onto BB10. There is no other phone that can sway me away. Because, the passport is the best thing I have ever seen in the smartphone industry. I might even go on and buy another passport, cause once we get used to this wide screen and the awesome tactile keyboard; there is literally nothing that can replace the experience it provides. Also, people like you give me more reasons to stick around with the most fluid and clean OS, ever seen. Thanks a ton for all the efforts you are doing for our community. ♥felt love and wishes.

    • James Nieves

      I’ve always believed in the saying. Be the change you want to see. *fistbump*

  • shahZ30

    My z30 cant open the Facebook. Bar file. Is there any step that i didnt gone through or is it just click n install? Coz i cant seem to b able to install it on my phone. Plz help

    • Yes as I say above the download link youu need to sideload it using computer…

    • shahZ30

      Got that. Thx a lot mr James. Really miss FB in my Hub..

    • Good luck getting it back, takes a little work but it’s worth it.

  • JBravo

    James, you are truly awesome!! Thanking you sir.

    • James Nieves

      I do what I can. Thanks mate!

  • Miklos

    God bless you!

  • Jorgen

    Great job finding an APK that works :0)

    Thnx mate…