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100 episodes of this podcast has taught us that the BlackBerry discussion is far from exhausted. This week we’ve got fresh rumors that BlackBerry will be using the Alcatel Idol as reference hardware to build their mid-range fleet. New benchmarks from GFX give us further indication of what the hardware will be sporting. This all falls in line with a July 19th security summit in New York that BlackBerry is hosting. On the lighter side of the news we’re finally seeing BlackBerry Bide an additional Android security layer along with analyst Gus Papageorgiou’s warning that BlackBerry’s need to exit the hardware business.

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Upstream #100 ~ “Homecoming”
Mar 15 – Mar 22

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@alexhbass – Alex B. @ abass.co
@jmznvs – James N. EIC @ BerryFlow
@bla1ze – Chris P. EIC @ CrackBerry

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  • Merritt Cluff

    Congratulations :at 100! Well done. It’s the best BlackBerry presence and appreciated. I ahve said before but say again BlackBerry should never say devices are conditional on profits. It’s obvious but silly. They need to generate confidence. They need to be present. For me there is absolutely no doubt BlackBerry can be profitable in the hardware space. Focus on productivity and quality and add security features. Giving up on workwide has been a huge mistake. Huge. There is a BlackBerry premium and they must maximize it. Their marketing has been terrible.

    • Jesus


    • Merritt Cluff

      I live in Rome. Travelling from the airport I pass by the electronics store. There they have only the passport on display. Enough already, give us one phone, a passport, available by choice in bb10 or Android. Develop workwide, and market like crazy. Simple to me, avd very low cost. Keep BlackBerry iconic. Nothing like 20% market share, but keeps presence.