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Priv gets sweet sweet Marshmallow (Android 6.0), BlackBerry hires Alex Thurber to lead global device sales. BBM for Android and gets beta Video Chat access and we get further clarification on purported features and designs of upcoming mid-range BlackBerry handsets code-named Rome and Hamburg.

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Upstream #97 ~ “Rome”
April 24th – May 1st

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@alexhbass – Alex B. @ abass.co
@elbranduco – Brandon O.

@Risky_KillMoves – Darius S.
@jmznvs – James N. EIC @ BerryFlow
@bla1ze – Chris P. EIC @ CrackBerry

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  • Todd

    I agree with Alex I think it’s very important that you create a phone that won’t simply just fall or fail when android “N” comes out. A mid little level phone might get a few additional buyers but if it’s nothing to brag about then what’s the point! I like how flawless my two gigs of ram Z30 is, it is very fluid in operations with the BB10 system but I know I would need much more than that to run an android based phone.