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Not much news to discuss but there are some wider rollouts for Priv software updates to Android M. Chen seems more optimistic about launching two midrange Android handsets and TIME calls the BlackBerry 6210 one of the most influential gadgets of all time. There are some special May Madness deals for Priv and Passport as well via ShopBlackBerry and Dallin Crump, a business intelligence analyst tells us why he keeps on coming back to BlackBerry 10.

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Upstream #98 ~ “BB10”
May 1st – May 8th

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@alexhbass – Alex B. @ abass.co
@jmznvs – James N. EIC @ BerryFlow

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  • George

    Great article, if BlackBerry nails Android and sells enough profitably, BlackBerry 10 will survive and be the next big kid on the block. I’ll support BlackBerry with it’s strategy and will be getting a Priv soon!

  • Merritt Cluff

    Bb10 is really simple and straightforward. Intuitive and powerful. But I need apps. Some I get thanks to Cobalt, and many work fine. Others don’t or are problematic. Bb10 apps like docs to go need desperate updating. Same for the browser. I don’t like the mechanics of android but I have not owned an android device so I should not criticise. What to do? I just wish BlackBerry could hire Cobalt to keep doing his thing with bb10 and improve app access and function. I will pay good money for the right apps. I expect others would too. To me, this is the way forward for bb10. Develop highly productive apps and sell them on a secure operating system.

  • Tristan Howden

    Be honest James. Was the change back to a passport fuelled by many irritating things about Android. A complete lack of flow in everyday use. An Android hub that’s as much use as a chocolate teapot. The fact that you are so used to a certain way of using a phone. True multitasking…… And the fact I actually don’t need all those apps Android has. I too went back to my passport SE from my priv. I couldn’t be happier. The only thing that worries me is the Android runtime not being updated for the very few Android apps I do use. I used the priv for 2 months and at no time ever did It feel natural. When support ends for BB10, I really don’t know where I will go from there. I had real hope for Sailfish OS but alas that is falling by the curb side under the weight of Android and IOS.

  • Todd

    Great show as always! I so badly want to make the jump to a “Google pillow” but as Brandon puts it you are just now selling me on it, I think BB10 is still a fantastic OS when/if this Z30 ever dies I might consider a passport before switching to Android. I’ve pretty much decided I’m will not be buying a priv, but I will consider an upcoming non-slider device depending on price and specs because it sounds like you need a Nuclear powered device to run android so to speak.. yesterday’s specs will simply not suffice.

  • Dallin Crump

    Great show! James, your comments about BB10 were on point (as always). There is still so much BB10 can do that no other platform can.

    On your comments about BlackBerry “cutting the edge”, it seems like they have become the “Sega” of the smartphone world. Sega always came out with the coolest video games and console tech back in the day, but they totally botched their marketing and distribution. Nintendo and others always seemed to swoop in and implement some Sega’s ideas late, but more effectively than they could.

    I’m really hoping BlackBerry realizes how valuable BB10 can still be to their overall strategy, and that they can figure out a way to keep it alive.

  • Anil

    Tuned in!