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It’s finally here! BlackBerry is making good on its promise for a software suite for the mobility solutions business segment. The HUB+ suite is bringing the quintessential BlackBerry Hub for Android experience to non-BlackBerry devices. This, alongside new lawsuits, BBM updates and the pending shipments of DTEK50 preorders – there’s a good bit to sink our teeth into tonight.

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Upstream #111 ~ “HUB+”
July 31st – August 7th

Upstream Aftershow 111

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  • Aj

    This is good for BlackBerry, Better late then never. If they can release an android version of the passport, or even update the OS with Lollipop ; that would be great. But can’t have it all I guess…

  • blackberrypassport

    BlackBerry will soon be done as phone, it’s written on wall for coming future just like they dumped bb10, market will dump BlackBerry as phone and I would love to see it happen

  • Andrew Liddle

    I just don’t see many people paying a monthly subscription for HUB+. I could see a one-time purchase, but not an ongoing payment. I hope I am wrong for BlackBerry’s sake, but I love the productivity apps that BlackBerry offers and I wouldn’t pay for them.
    Samsung is working on an integrated Hub, and once they complete that…..the market is gone for BlackBerry. You could argue that the calendar app and contacts app is superior to other offerings, but how would a user know this if they had never used them on BB10?
    BlackBerry won’t grow in the phone or phone app side of the business. They just don’t get it.