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Specs are nothing more than a baseline of comparison these days. Nonetheless, they are great ways to compare things tit for tat. BlackBerry, Samsung and Apple all have offerings in the high-end slab smartphone space. We’ve heard about iPhone 7 and Samsung S7.

BlackBerry has a contender aimed at this space coming through partner TCL, the DTEK60 – the bigger brother to the well reviewed DTEK50. DTEK60 packs in market leading specifications to a secure handset running Android.

Here are the specs for the iPhone 7, the Samsung S7 and the upcoming DTEK60:

PHONE BlackBerry DTEK60 SAMSUNG S7 iPhone 7
Screen size 5.5-inch 5.1-inch 4.7-inch
Screen resolution 2560×1440 2560×1440 750×1334
Weight 165g 152g 138g
Physical keyboard? No No No
Fingerprint sensor? Yes Yes Yes
Water resistant? No Yes Yes
Processor Snapdragon 820 Snapdragon 820 A10 Fusion
Memory 4GB 4GB 2GB
Storage 32GB 32GB 32GB
MicroSD? Yes Yes No
Battery 3000mAh 3000mAh 1960mAh
Rear camera 21MP 12MP 12MP
Front camera 8MP 5MP 7MP

But how much is that going to cost?

These prices are not definitive but more of a snapshot at the time of this posting. Bought outright (unlocked direct from the seller), in mid-October, you can get an iPhone 7 from Apple for $649 dollars. The Samsung S7 can be yours at $669 and the DTEK60 is currently popping up on pre-order for only $499.

If these prices hold up, BlackBerry will have a very competitive offering that plays in the high end while offering a great price near $500. This pricing could be well received by a large group in both the enterprise and consumer space. While all devices are different, so are the people that buy them. What do you like about these phones? Do you think the DTEK60 is actually competitive?


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  • bApTizE

    I’m still on Note 3 and dtek60 is my next phone :-). Good things come to people who wait :-)

  • 4ron

    Has your phone had the software updates? My Priv no longer gets warm.

  • This is the phone BB should have come out with in 2013 with BB 10. The specs were always second fiddle. people judge by specs, I can’t wait to get this. I have the PRIV and love it other then keeping your hands warm at times it has been solid device, I highly recommend the PRIV for our Canadian winters!

  • sam

    I have always liked blackberry ever since torch and I think they need to aggressively market their devices and brake the hype of fleshy iPhones

  • raghu

    how many email accounts we can configure ?

  • vagos

    I think the DTEK60 Will do good. Samsung Note 7 People are looking for a new device. I think this might lure them over, but we shall see. It offers good specs at a competitive price and it looks sleek with that glass back as well. Hopefully BlackBerry will market the damn thing.

  • lola

    Not for me. I have the Priv and it’s not a good phone. I don’t like the HUB Android and the Priv have some problems with e-mail font police. I’ll take a Google Nexus or iPHone.

  • Adam

    Specs and design looks great but camera should have a better aperture to compete, f/2.2 is poor the priv has f/2.0. The latest phones are on f/1.5

    Other than that for the price it’s great!

  • Antonio

    Sounds good, but not feeling the Android bit, I will stick to my Passport. I dont need an App launcher, my BlackBerry works fine on the Internet, I can get everything done without an app. It would be nice if BlackBerry made in house devices running bb10, and kept the Android outsourced.

  • g-bone

    I’m loving the look and the specs! Definitely getting one.

  • SvenJ

    It doesn’t matter how good the specs are, if they don’t learn how Marketing works, they will fade away now.

    BlackBerry Fans won’t buy it in cause of Android, and other won’t buy it, because they don’t know anything about the New Phones.

    Btw. The same problem with OS10. No marketing!

  • PaulD

    Nice comparison, but I think instead of the iphone 7 you should compare it to the iphone 7S, size and specs are better on the 7S, but not as good as the DTEK60 :-)
    I will likely get a DTEK60 while waiting patiently for the DTEK70/Mercury to hit the store!

  • Harold

    I can,t understand why Blackberry does not push on advertising .if i have a good product and i keep it in my closet i,ll nerver sell it .timing is good to do so …….let,s see.

    • Hopefully with outsourced hardware they can start to afford marketing

  • Mike_ca

    I’ll buy the Dtec60 now if the specs and price are true. Where can I place a pre order?

  • pbp237

    Good phone but way all this spec can’t be used for an BlackBerry 10 one ?

    • Because BlackBerry 10 drivers are very expensive to have built. Qualcomm already has drivers built for the Android OS.

  • Chance

    I don’t know, I think that I’ve seen too many times that specs aren’t everything. It’s the technology itself and how they use it. On paper, a phone may have more megapixels but that doesn’t mean the picture is better. Know what I mean? For me, it’s too early to speculate.

    • Chance

      P.S. I wish more sites would use your type of comment section so that you don’t have to sign up for everything just to comment! (pretty sure that’s how it works)

  • Rico

    Fully agree James! Two points here : that with the Samsung Recall Scandal we will have Android users hungry for a change?! Second point: DTEK60 will be the first device released after the all media blitz type BlackBerry leaves the smartphone / handset business!? Well they are “back” and launching a high speced device at what looks like very competitive price. This move will draw way more press for the reason that this was not supposed to happen! So looks like a perfect cocktail mix for BlackBerry to win win with the DTEK60! Good article James!

  • whiteberry

    Hi I m French I have a passport and I try may be DTEK 60 but my prefer it s the BlackBerry Bold 9900. So I think that Indonesian made new phone with BlackBerry 10 OS with less price

  • jaap

    it’s a good phone, good price, and it’s a blackberry
    but for me……it’s a android not a BlackBerry 10
    send from my SE passport

    • Thanks James for this article… DTEK60 offer excellent competitive specs compare to Samsung an iPhone.

  • Tris

    In the wake of the note 7 fiasco I would say that Blackberry will probably never have a chance as good as this ever again to give us a high spec phone with unique features. They better strike while the iron is hot.

  • George Gill

    I think I’m really liking this device, it’s going to do well, I’m in South Africa and don’t know if we’ll be get this soon, I’m getting the Priv in the meantime but the specs are awesome, these should have been the specs on the Priv, it would have been a cracker!

    • Agreed if PRIV checked these boxes it’s be unstoppable..

    • playbookster

      Well these specs did not exist when Priv launched.. No phones had Snapdragon 820’s and 21mp cameras in October 2015.

  • Hopie1kanobie

    Take my money please.

    • I just hope they market the damn thing!

    • Shawn

      Unfortunately, BlackBerry is yet again tangled in a confused media and consumer base. If they don’t get ahead of this, we could be looking at a launch as useless as the Z30.