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BerryFlow member @Ronell_J stepped out of Toronto to visit New York on business. While there he swung by the newly launched BlackBerry Pop-Up Store at Brookfield Place at 230 Vesey Street. As one of New York’s premiere office complexes and shopping centers it’s located just across the street from the new World Trade Center Site in Battery Park, Brookfield hosts some of the finest shops, restaurants, and amenities New York has to offer.

This kiosk style setup has live devices for people to go hands on with. Its an all black setup with the BlackBerry logo illuminated at the top. This serves as eye catching signage to bring people in. Accessories are available and devices can be ordered through ShopBlackBerry and shipped direct to consumers unlocked. This store gets a good amount of foot traffic and is a great way to display the BlackBerry handsets running Android like the Priv and DTEK50 along with some BlackBerry 10 hardware like the Passport and Classic.

There are also digital ads around to direct people to the Pop-Up shop.

In a brief video BerryFlow tours the store, its merchandise and sets the mood for BlackBerry’s first retail location in United States in several years. What’s interesting is that Brookfield place has other locations around the globe as well and I wonder if BlackBerry can expand to get square footage in other locations.

I suppose all of that would be contingent on this first store doing well. If you find yourself in Lower Manhattan go check out the store for yourself. Store hours are 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday. Let us know if you visit yourself and what your impressions are.

What do you think of this strategy? Does BlackBerry need a physcial presence in the marketplace or should they focus their efforts online? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Jarvis

    I love how Ronell just slid in how his battery sucks on Samsung at the end of the video. I do think that BlackBerry is going to have to setup up more locations like this because it is apparent that carriers are not willing to help move devices if they are not from Apple or Samsung. The one thing I think they will need to change is the ability to give people devices same day.

  • UW Kevin

    James, did you spend any time observing the kiosk? Did it get any attention from the “good amount of foot traffic”?

  • Harold Rousseau

    Finally something to show …..it,s about time….