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DTEK60 is finally here and it comes with a great price tag and the latest market specs. Beyond this BlackBerry is working with partners to fix the ‘No Service’ issue and we’re seeing the BBM development pick up with new features added to the application this past week.

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Upstream #122 ~ “DTEK60”
October 16th – October 30th

Upstream Aftershow 122
  • AT&T, Priv, Switching to Samsung, BlackBerry Software, October’s Last Day, DTEK60 pros and cons

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@jmznvs – James N
@bla1ze – Chris P
@elBranduco – Brandon O

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  • PaulD

    Evening Gents

    Always enjoy your show Sunday nights, thanks for keeping it going.

    Just a quick note, I bought a Dtek60 from ShopBB, and after a few days can say it is an excellent product so far.
    The BB android experience is much smoother than when the Priv came out, after finding all the google tracking junk (maps, chrome, etc), got them turned off now. Battery life is excellent without all the tracking on, so far 24 hours light use and I have 65% left wow !
    Screen is very good better than the Z30 amoled, clear and crisp, like the small edge.
    Camera is very good, even without OIS, seems steady, I still like the Priv Camera better, but they are very close.
    Speakers are excellent compares to Z30, but think the Passport has a slight edge.
    Signal is excellent where I live, and I like the individual permissions in Marshmellow, some apps are hilarious why some apps need access to my phone, location etc… not likely. Build quality on the device is excellent definitely feels premium, and so far almost ZERO heat, it is cool as an ice cube.
    I like the USB-C, but have to order new OTG cable, some adapters, etc… Quick Charge 3 – nice charges in 30 minutes.

    Would be nice to get BlackBerry DTEK software to actually show all the google apps (maps, chrome) accesses to location, and whatever else they do without us knowing, and change the UI in android to match BB10 – those more menus at the top bug me to no end, BB was smart put them at the bottom in BB10.


    • Thanks for your comment. I believe it will help others asking about the DTEK60 as well, thanks for stopping by!