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ShopBlackBerry has extended their deals on Priv and Passport. BlackBerry and Ford are working directly to expand the use of BlackBerry security software and QNX for automotive. BBM is throwing a party in Johannesburg. Verizon may finally be rolling out Marshmallow to Priv owners and there’s even a November beta update available for Priv.

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Upstream #123 ~ “Edge”
October 30th – November 6th:

Upstream Aftershow 123
  • Tier 1 suppliers, Samsung S7 Edge, DTEK60 expanded

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@alexhbass – Alex B
@jmznvs – James N
@bla1ze – Chris P
@elBranduco – Brandon O
@scmcc16 – Scott M

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  • Don McAskin

    Just a quick comment on the marketing of BlackBerry.

    With several devices (Priv being one) coming to market with big expectations, again and again. I think BlackBerry is afraid to promote a device until they know it is accepted by the consumers. Wait for a little more time, if the feedback is positive then market it. No matter how much advertising you do, the ultimate advertising is the consumer. If you Advertise a great product advertising really works well, advertising a not so great product will eventually fail. I thought Priv was a great phone, most reviews were negative or just OK. Detek60 is much better. I don’t see any downside. Even the battery is almost twice that of the Priv. Finger print scanner works perfectly, wish I had this a long time ago.
    Everything is really good, price also. Market this phone and it may work.