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The BlackBerry Care Protection Plan is an insurance program offered by BlackBerry in collaboration with Warrantech to protect against the common smartphone owner woes such as water damage and screen breaks.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones like the Leap, Classic and Passport are supported in this program as well as the Android powered Priv by BlackBerry. While it normally takes about a month for devices to be added to the program none of the new BlackBerry branded devices in the DTEK line have shown up under this insurance plan.

Since the DTEK50 and DTEK60 are technically produced by TCL there may be some more partnership needed to setup these branded devices under the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan umbrella. Especially for the more premium DTEK60 a broken screen or water damage can be quite the expensive occurrence. Low deductibles and monthly payments makes this type of warranty carrier agnostic and easily accessible for consumers.

So BlackBerry, what’s up? Any status update on whether the DTEK line of smartphones will get your blessing. In our musing in the Upstream Aftershow #126 we touched on a thought; that maybe what makes a BlackBerry a “BlackBerry” these days is whether or not the company goes out of their way to insure it! All joking aside more clarity on this point would be greatly appreciated by current and potential customers.

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