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UKarbon outfits DTEK60 with grippy device skins

By December 27, 2016Overview, Video

There have been a few companies that have serviced BlackBerry devices with unique and desirable skins in the past; UKarbon is one such company. Keeping up with the latest BlackBerry devices makes solid device skins hard to find. UKarbon has skins for a range of devices and BlackBerry is included in the mix. They have a variety of different skins with matte, carbon and leather looks along with wood variants, even custom decals. If you’re looking to personalize your device, look no further.

I found that installing the skins is fairly straight forward; be sure you take your time to line up the edges and cutouts. Keep your fingers off the adhesive side and you can apply and reapply as many times as you need to get the desired fit. I was pleased to find that UKarbon already offers BlackBerry DTEK60 skins which are somewhat rare these days. I was pleased as well that with these skins I did not need to use heat via a hair dryer to get the vinyl nice and snug. What’s nice is that since you apply the skins yourself, you can control how the material lays out on the device and get things just to your liking.

The effect is striking as you can see in some of the photos. The skins really change the way the devices look and feel. The skins have a nice quality. They’re thick enough to withstand scratches and nicks but also thin enough not to add unneeded bulk and heft. Another point to mention here is that you can get mix-and-matched assortments. You could get red edges, a blue back, gold camera cover, whatever you’d like – UKarbon has tons of options for you to choose from. For DTEK60 they kept it simple and offer grippy back covers that really change the feel in the hand for the better. DJ Reyes over at CrackBerry has done an excellent video tour on installation and her impressions.

There’s a sale going on right now for 70% off so I’d absolutely recommend you head over to the website using the link below and buy one for yourself or a loved one. Other BlackBerry skins are also available at a discount!

BlackBerry DTEK60 U|Karbon Skin


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  • austriker

    Love the way those skins look, cant wait for mine to come!

    • aneesh

      Can we get the skins now..!