Who is Max Salman? He’s an Airborne Geophysicist who’s passionate about music – trill hop, some down-tempo and smooth sky sailing. He works around the world flying aircraft at low levels to glean actionable intelligence about how the Earth relates to its surroundings, measuring phenomena like gravity, magnetic fields, the structure and composition of the Earth’s dynamic surface…

Max enjoys travelling and flying. His work life brings a harmony which makes living exciting. He says, “I am very passionate about flying and music.”

In Oklahoma on a job, after a flight, Max hooked up a USB keyboard to his laptop and began recording tracks.

“These tracks were influenced by my flying experiences and I listen to my music while flying.”

BlackBerry integrates into the rhythm of this man’s mobile lifestyle. In subtle ways, the device coordinates the space between his senses, keeping him in touch with the office, coworkers and clients to ensure project efficiency. An added boon to the experience is the Android application support: “I can use aviation grade software to track my flight path in case of equipment failure.”

“Between work and friends, my BlackBerry allows me to communicate with ease, rapidity and accuracy thanks to the physical keyboard.”

For a pilot, that little bit of extra hardware goes a long way toward workload management. When you couple this with great battery life, it makes troubleshooting and always-on connectivity readily accessible – touchstone presence with the people who matter most when it comes to the finalization of an assignment.

As a commercially licensed pilot, Max has been able to travel the world, see it and analyze it from a different perspective. When he’s cruising the skies, his BlackBerry keeps him tethered to that which matters most on the ground, while his music keeps his spirit lifted. This nexus inspires him to create music that melds with his flying experiences.

Max favors George Orwell, slapstick flicks like “Anchorman” and, mood permitting, will sit for Swedish Noir ala “Songs From The Second Floor.”

Max artist name is Skylane, he’s always on the move, creating new tracks, art and experiences. Below we have embedded his latest release, Waves of Colour by Skylane – a melodic, transient look into the soothing skies and tempo of the BlackBerry Passport wielding pilot. These tracks muse across a spectrum of color where sight through sound blends harmoniously across 10 tracks. Great for concentration or meditation, these flight inspired beats are sure to be easy on your ears.

Free Track Download via Skylane BandCamp

  • Josh Wedekind

    Does he know of a good, native metronome app? If I can’t find one, I’ll probably try to make one.

  • Susan Julien

    Very cool music, I like it! I could work to this.