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As an author, film director and exceptional photographer, Jubei Raziel explores the emotions, actions and dreams of everyday people and through them sees a canvas with which he is able to tell various stories of inspiration and profoundness. Jubei wields a BlackBerry Passport and relies on BBM and Blend daily, but these are merely tools to connect himself with the people he finds so compelling.

Jubei considers life a mysterious gift. He moves to leave a legacy that will last beyond our lives – that footprint of significance in our human history – whether it be one of love or achievement… His tales are that legacy, his BlackBerry is the frame.

“BlackBerry remains a powerhouse of communication and efficiency. A productive, reliable tool in which I can work and play with confidence and style.”

This is a man who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, in different capacities, but considers himself a director at heart. We were sitting for lunch when he began to recount a time he was invited to join a friend who was shooting a film in London and ended up photographing the production stills, being the film director’s personal assistant, a stuntman and an actor on the film in which he shared a scene with Oscar Nominee Benedict Cumberbatch.

The BlackBerry helps keep Jubei working. BlackBerry keeps all of his communication necessities a swipe away.

“The OS fits my lifestyle and the culture of how I move.”

He takes a large bite of his sandwich and continues as I take note: “Jake Gyllenhaal came right up to me once during a charity event at the Museum of Natural History a while ago, pointed to my face and told me, “Whatever you do, don’t smile.” with a straight face. Of course I laughed and enjoyed the rest of the evening’s event, but it really reflected how private I am and unassuming I remain in regards to what people think of me when they see me. It was when I had a personal conversation with Steven Spielberg when I realized that I’m comfortable and actually prefer people not knowing who I am or what I do.”

Photographs of Jubei Raziel by Melissa Maldonado  @meli_mal

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  • Madan Limaye

    Hey Jubei, not sure why but your BBM Channel seems to be restricted because of “mature content” – I had subscribed to your channel a while back but BlackBerry removed your Channel from my subscription list and won’t let me re-subscribe to it! Is anyone else running into a similar issue?

    • I have no idea why and it’s something frustrating for me. I may have to visit Waterloo to fix this one in person:(

  • Great writeup as always. I find it really interesting the way you look at things, very insightful. Fun read and excited to see how you help BerryFlow evolve!