This is the BlackBerry Flow┬áslider. It’s a concept design that takes the best in class touch enabled 3 row keyboard from the BlackBerry Passport and redistributes this innovation into a new body. This thin, high profile slider takes the form factor beloved by die hard BlackBerry Torch users and reimagines it with the power and efficiency of BlackBerry 10.

White version also glows in the dark, because, why not?

This is a high end all touch done in a way the market no longer does. The slide out keyboard gives you the best of 16:9 touch with the dedicated input of physical keys that make us so productive. It’s rendered here in white, black and of course, BerryFlow blue.

With a screen between that of a Z10 and Z30 in dimension this slider would sport all the top line specs that we have on the Passport. A large battery within the device and maybe a rapid-charge secondary battery within the keyboard housing for even weight distribution.

We hope you enjoy these concepts. Coming for MWC 2015 we may just see a less traditional slider type device from BlackBerry. These images are merely to wet the whistle. We wish you happy holidays and look forward to more from us in the new year.

  • Mildred santana

    Pls I just want to find out if this phone I could used in Puerto Rico and which mobile company

  • Hoytbowac

    Yes you can get the wallpaper ,go to BlackBerry World and buy the PooterMobile Wallpaper App. Can someone please answer my question, does this phone run Android Apps?

  • HoytBowAc

    When is this phone coming out and does it run android just like the regular BlackBerry Slider?

  • Tarandeep

    Wow, it’s just amazing and it has captivated me. Can’t wait to get this one handy. When is it coming into the market?

  • Great Work, :D can i get this wallpaper please

    • Hoytbowac

      Yes you can! Read my comment

  • Omar Diamond

    This is some serious Design

  • Chris

    This would only be awesome if it were made uber thin. If it’s any thicker than the Q10, it would be a huge drag to carry and manipulate. But if it’s made really thin, it would be amazing

    • Nick

      Great looking and highly innovative smartphone. Though I prefer a full touch none QWERTY, this is something I would actually consider too.

  • jeff

    Interesting design but there are to many sharp edges.

    • Hari sekarang ada di rajabasa

    • Coyote55

      Agreed. I am looking for a high end all touch 5″. I may consider this one if it doesn’t weigh more due to the keypad. I will of course never use the keyboard. I had all 3 Bold phones and loved my keypad, but made the move to the Z30 and love all touch. The swiping of the words is great.

  • Pretty i like the design of the phone is that it is the caracteristique ??????

    • ram

      its amazing can,t wait to get one of them

  • Yeah beautiful Nice, BlackBerry in the place !!!!!!

    • HoytBowAc

      Is this phone coming out soon? And does it run the Android software?

  • Naresh Patel

    Wonderful Design. I use z30.. now waiting for this…

  • burzin

    Super super awesome something sexy and elegant n beautiful design.

  • Omar Mahmod

    Oh my god! Amazing thin body, beautiful colours and slide keyboard? It’s incredible

  • bea

    That would be my perfect phone! Love the glow in the dark concept.

  • S Milliken

    Love the powder blue.

    • It is quite nice! Will be adding another variant here soon.