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BlackBerry MySpot – Secure. Connected.

BlackBerry has a carrier tethered infrastructure that supports BIS, available in almost every corner of the globe across 90 countries. Currently, BlackBerry operates with over 500 wireless carriers across the planet.

BIS also known as BlackBerry Internet Service functions in many ways similar to its more robust brother BES. When using a device connected to BIS, data flows differently and is handled by the BlackBerry Infrastructure. The carrier facilitates this interaction as your data and PIM services run through the BIS servers, this tunneling secures your access as you traverse online material-through Web Pages, Email and connected apps. (For instance on BBOS–BlackBerry built both the Twitter and FB apps to work through the BIS infrastructure) this allows compressed and encrypted connection to outside data assets.

The most secure way to use the Internet. MySpot. #PoweredByBlackBerry

This is a capability that legacy BlackBerry devices had as a robust platform for generating service revenue. If we take this concept and make it bigger; fix it for the times and arena you can revolutionize a classic system. Introducing the BlackBerry MySpot. This is a concept design that harvests the BIS to deliver a secure and mobile 3G/4G hotspot. This allows BlackBerry to be your ISP and protect your fidelity online for business and personal exchanges.

This is a concept design rendered by @Pootermobile

  • EM3TEK

    I want to dream!!!

  • Vince Bettencourt

    Get BlackBerry on this immediately.

  • Jevin

    I didn’t get this! Will this device provide Internet service to my laptop and other mobile device through BIS?

  • Tiago Coimbra de Ara├║jo

    Gorgeous, I would certainly buy one: D.


    This is a great idea, Humm, wonder if BlackBerry would bite on this.

  • iViLL

    Great concept

  • Refayah

    Excellent. I’d so take part of this. Who wouldn’t?