The Passport Silver Edition looks smart and handsome.

Although sporting the identical internal specs as the original Passport, this version may very well be the edition that sways many people to purchase the device who were formally on the fence.

I spent a great deal of time unboxing the Passport SE and studying it in fine detail. It’s needless to say that if money were not a factor, I would swap my Passport with the SE in a second.

The redesign is such an intelligent evolution of what was already an award winning design. From the improved solid metal frame construction to the enhanced physical keys and the diamond cut backing, it’s simply beautiful and sophisticated.

This is unquestionably the best Passport edition crafted. The fact that this version was born out of BlackBerry’s very own design team makes it even more special.

Background + Unboxing + Availability

Impressions & Photography by Jubei Raziel
Layout by James Nieves

  • Yam Carotta

    I love BlackBerry. That’s all I can say. I evolved and always grew with BlackBerry and want to invite anyone to try one of these phones. The quality of every single phone is just so good and they work so well-especially the qwerty keyboards, sound, music system, backup systems on the computer, and so much more. Don’t forget the security! I have a Classic and ordered the Silver Edition Passport. So pleased by quality and value. This will be my 4th BlackBerry in 11 years. My Bold was great and I sold it used for a good dollar after 4 years of use! It still worked fantastically.

    • Bravo Bizo

      My sentiments, exactly!! I went from Q10, Q20 , when I saw the Passport I was sold on its unique form factor. I’ve seen the leaks of the upcoming Mercury (or whatever TCL decides to name it, come release day) I am waiting with bated breath! Totally excited!!

  • This phone should be the standard for all future blackberry phones that are built!………That’s why I got one.

  • zedthirty

    My dream phone

  • hammad

    Is the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition support ‎ compatible with 2100Mhz for 3G and 1800Mhz for 4G networks ‎?

    Can you please tell me if the sim card slot has the same inserting mechanism as BlackBerry Leap? Is it with a spring?  Or do we just slide the Sim card in like in BlackBerry Q10?

  • Sergio

    Looks beautiful and professional

    Great shots Jubei 👌