The BlackBerry Peek function enables you to swipe up, from the bottom of your screen, to unveil who has contacted you and through which social network or email account.

BlackBerry Peek allows you to see how many unread items you have from each network; be that BBM, email, Facebook, Twitter or any other account that you have linked to your BlackBerry 10 device.

Peek Into BlackBerry Hub

Key Features:

  • It offers complete convenience as you can quickly identify what is notifying you

  • Peek can be accessed across the whole of the operating system

  • You can choose to interact or continue with what you were doing


With BlackBerry Peek accessing all of your notifications couldn’t be easier! Firstly, by swiping up, you can see which networks you have notifications on and then if you choose to interact with those notifications, you can simply flow into the BlackBerry Hub by swiping to the right.


BlackBerry Peek is truly unique to the BlackBerry 10 platform as nothing like it has been seen on any device ever before!
BlackBerry Peek element is accessible from anywhere on the OS.
Whether you are in an app, a call or even just on the home screen.

User Experience

If you are in the middle of a call and you need to check an email related to the matter; you can effortlessly access that email – within the Hub – by peeking into the Hub and then directly finding the email you need.
With Peek and Flow the user paradigm is totally reinvented for mobile, one handed usage.
  • iDefect

    Great feature of bb10.