It’s good to remind ourselves of the scope – the precious space between ourselves – where attraction and resonance occurs. Distance, to a degree, has evaporated these days. The explosion of our mobile-first lifestyles has bridged a physical gap; across continents, passions can connect.

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The moxie that comes pushing that which is misunderstood. We can capitalize and share the vision that, across the globe, we hold a common interest in secure mobility, productivity and efficiency. We hold the power to be #AlwaysMobile, reliably with our BlackBerry.

Support the efforts that demand excellence and become as diverse as your interests. It’s the hyper-connected socialite who communicates with dozens of people to coordinate business and pleasure. One who needs connectivity which can keep up with their life. The creative… the bold… the enterprising individuals who seek and appreciate a balanced mobile work/life experience.

We take gorgeous photos from our phones; we share on social media; we have the world at our fingertips. We forge our projections of innovation to various media while partnering to amplify our message, ever clear.

The top of the pyramid, the 1% that commands uniqueness over ubiquity

Those who stand by the principle of secure communications.

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