Lilibeth Perez lives for the hustle and flow. She’s a talented singer and performer from New York City, born and bred in Washington Heights. Like most, she’s a person with real ambitions and drive. She grinds daily through sacrifices to make those dreams and milestones her reality. She is about making matter from her soul.

Lily chooses the BlackBerry Leap and runs the device on the stock native applications that come with BlackBerry 10. Lily is a performance machine, much like her BlackBerry. “My passion has always been in performing, whether it be singing, acting or dance. I also model.”

She’s constantly in a state of discovery. Music is her soul. She listens to music all day everyday and is always exploring sound. This is how she initiates her creative juices – and when her imagination engages, it spills right into how she moves through her life to how she performs on stage.

“I take my phone with me absolutely everywhere, as I feel naked without it. I’m in constant communication with all of my fellow artists and creatives. It’s also my primary connection to those who are following my career over social media.”

She has impressed the likes of Neo and Marc Anthony, receiving compliments in person following performances. Her first music video was a huge milestone for her, but the ability to continue to travel and perform for her career is a huge blessing. Lily meets amazing, talented people everywhere she goes and can’t see herself doing anything else.

“BlackBerry keeps up with me. I’m very demanding of what I need and want. Having a device that keeps me powered and connected constantly and efficiently is everything. Long live the BlackBerry Hub!”

You’d be surprised to find out Lily is a steak monster and a mean cook. Take her word for it, “I love steak like you wouldn’t believe.”

To sate this hunger, she’s always devouring new music and music videos. The inspiration she draws from the creativity and vision of other artists is addicting. While hard to glean her favorite artists, movies or writers, in her immersion with genre throughout the years, she’s grown to appreciate all types of artists. She says sometimes it’s overwhelming – music, people and the connections between them – yet remarks on how much life holds for us to enjoy, and through that discovery, we grow.

“There’s something about everything and everyone that I take and love.”

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I will always worship you. #MotherMoon Thank you @vylarya for capturing this precious moment.

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  • Robert P

    As a lover of music/Goth, I can still appreciate music and talent from other genres. Ms. Pérez has the talent and only needs music to catch up to her. As for you journalistic endeavors Jubei, your only improving with every story you present us subscribers. As Charlie Sheen would sum it up your “winning”.

  • David

    Thanks Jubei, it is always fun to see people use their smartphone in a way that enhances their creativity and adds value to their life.

    I saw a couple of leaps in the wild just the other day and I was impressed with what you get for 300 dollars. I love the idea of a value phone and I think BlackBerry should keep running with it.

  • Paul t

    Dame ‘good’ piece of work Jubei! Love seeing your talent brought to life, you chose a very beautiful and talented women as well. I wish her nothing but success and appreciate her working with you.

    Dame good piece, nothing else needs to be said.