In today’s world time goes by fast. Endless flow of fresh information absorbs us barely every minute and pulls us in like a vortex once we go and investigate what’s changed.

Today we live in an age of interruption.

Constantly we get interrupted by sounding and visual notifications, be it an alarm, breaking news or scheduled event there is always something that makes us twitch for a split second and obscures us from our occupation at that exact moment.

Wearable timepieces are something very contrary to the situations described above. They do not interrupt you, they do not call your name to flip your wrist. You do that on your own will. Because you know there is nothing more important than time, at least in relative terms.

Sadly soon that is all about to change. Minds who abuse the interruption age and cause us the twitches will soon be using a watch as medium to feed us with new information and discoveries. Flow will get even faster knowing that all you have to do is just tap whatever is that on your wrist, instead of reaching for your pocket or backpack.

Fortunately for us almost of all of them will fail cause wearables will never be able to provide us with pleasant experience of reading text, viewing images, playing music and yet being comfortable as wearing a classic timepiece.

This is a story of how a real desirable Rado watch can be digitally assisted and infused with Blackberry’s philosophy but still remain what it is and do what it does best, being the precisely crafted hand watch that tells the story of a time.


Accelerometer and Magnetometer based Gyroscope precisely monitors the position and rotation of a wrist to determine when to switch on OLED panel and display digital content. Just take a look what time it is and assisted content comes to life, put your hand down and it goes away. Maximizing battery life and interacting with you only when you want it to.


Calendar reminder features two levels of notifications and they are both customizable. First level lights up the hands in an event’s calendar corresponding color at desired reminder interval. As scheduled time approaches second level notification lights up the dial ring and dial markers to resemble a visual countdown to an event.


On top of the full sized radial OLED display lays the dial which features a die cut pattern where subdials would reside on a regular model. Subdials give impression of three separate round displays where each is able to present individual Digitally Assisted Content of your choice. Each subdial is crowned with silver bezel around it. Dial ring features white reflective coating so it can light up as well when needed.


Each subdial shows Digitally Assisted Content in sync with your Blackberry 10 device. Some of the content is scrollable and by sliding your finger over the capacitive touch bezel on corresponding side of the desired subdial its content actually scrolls back and forth. Some content goes even further on and features affirmative action by flicking your finger from bezel toward the subdial.


Digitally Assisted content can be displayed on any of the three subdials, it can also be replaced or even turned off. Hold your finger on the capacitive touch bezel until content changes into corresponding icon. Now keep your finger on the bezel and swipe it in either direction to scroll through iconography, at any point just release your finger to select desired content.

  • Ahmed Sagarwala

    Yes! I stopped wearing my Rado because I got a Pebble. I really miss the quality of the strap, elegance, durability, and mechanics. Now that my Pebble has been lost, I’m back to wearing my Rado and really wish your concept was real. I think Rado should hire you already and get this done. Thanks for sharing & much respect!

  • Gubyan

    I would buy this watch in a heartbeat! Excellent and also from Rado! Win Win, take my money!

  • Kayleigh Patten

    So I don’t quite understand is this a blackberry 10 smartwatch? X

  • Arty

    I am annoyed that it says “Automatic” while having a Quartz movement. lol.


    Not a fan of Smartwatches at all. Don’t like the fact you will have a constant connected device on your body. No thanks to radiation.

  • Junior2you

    I like this its smile and looks good.

    • Junior2you

      correction simple*

  • Oscar L.

    Shut up! And take my money…!!

  • Lrich

    some great ideas here, thinking outside the box

  • Awesome concept! Me Likey!

  • Sooo….are you going to build this?