BerryFlow Upstream is a weekly podcast bringing you the latest in secure mobility. We cover a range of topics that keep a timely check on the world of mobile security through the lens of BlackBerry users.

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  • mikescraftbeer

    what are you guys using for the video podcasts now? It no longer looks like Google Hangouts.

    • jmznvs

      We stream from the desktop using OBS and Skype for the video call/conference. Great quality and more flexibility over cheap-o Google Hangouts

  • James Erlngson

    Hey guys! Awesome to have so many people in the podcast this week! It doesn’t boiled down to just ‘banter’ as some like to think haha. Always a good conversation and discussion. Keen to see the final keyboard design of the ‘DTEK70’ or ‘Mercury’ in Feb 2017. Hopefully it sells well. :)

    I quite like the DTEK50. It’s an all-round solid device especially for its price and the smart case would be lovely to win!

    its always so hard to find cases locally in stores but unless i win the CB competition for a DTEK50 i don’t think i would buy a DTEK50 because i still love my PRIV. so the case would be wasted on me.

    Hope you guys have a great festive season and i look forward to BerryFlow 2017!

  • Grant

    Heya James!
    Just another great ‘pod up’ from you and your team. Hope growth and further success! listening in on BF on my BB(z10) is my Monday am routine. Q: i get the sense that BB10 could be used for just high level gov and business while the android version of BB is just for mass consuption. Is that the feeling you get as well?


  • And those types of things could hurt tech industries because it forces them to stand still or move sideways instead of innovating and shifting paradigms to ground breaking levels. Did you miss out on checking out BerryFlow Upstream live last night?

    • Crucial BBQ

      What would sell the Venice to me?

      1. Ability to remove Google Play App if I want.
      2. Not having to set up the phone with my Google account.
      3. BB10 style icon pack.

  • paul

    First of all let me be perfectly clear that I’m not here to bash Blackberry, my wife and I are BBPP owners and have supported the brand from two Curves, the Tour, two Bolds, two Torches, a Q10, and two Playbooks. Also I’m not saying the “Silver” edition is ugly, I’m simply expressing my fear that the updated version of the device we’ve waited patiently for and have grown to love has already come with only a new body to gloat about, specially when the story line behind the first design represented the very country the company resides. So, if there is still a serious “Passport 2” in the works we’re willing to wait for it.

  • paul

    Like IPhone and Galaxy supporters, as a BBPassport owner I also have been waiting for the authentic mind blowing second phase of this device. But honestly if all that’s been updated is the body shouldn’t I be disappointed? Why isn’t there an octa-core processor (or higher), why isn’t there an 18 mega pixel rear facing camera (or higher), or why aren’t there more gestures added to the keyboard like being able to swipe through pictures…. I’m just asking what’s the point in a state of the art body with all the same internal hardware and software as my original Blackberry Passport? ‎

  • Robert P

    James I like your passport. I’m seriously thinking of getting that beautiful color cause its also a rare unicorn out in public and plus I want the attention for myself and to do some promoting to the masses. Keep up the podcasts…. your the teacher and I’m the student.

    • Haha thanks for the comment Robert, the red Passport is quite nice. Cheers, thanks for subscribing :)

  • paul

    Every week I look forward to your group podcast to find out more about BlackBerry and/or to get somewhat of a better understanding on the direction Mr. Chen is taking the company. My wife and I have been fans of the unique and prestigious label for years, and we’re both current BB Passport owners. Keep up the good work.

    • Paul, thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. It means a lot to us that we have support and that this weekly stream reaches people like you. Stay #BlackBerry4Life !